Tribal Jewelry Mix and Match: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Edgy and unique, tribal jewelry is the perfect addition to each season’s never-ending array of prints and patterns. Tribal jewelry can add a bohemian cool and ethnic intrigue even to the most basic ensembles. What’s great about wearing tribal jewelry is that it essentially brings freedom –you can stack pieces and mix & match colors depending on how you…

Victorian Futurism with Steampunk Jewelry

Mixing Victorian class with modern punk has never been imaginable until steampunk fashion came into existence. Coined from the word “steam” from the steam powered mechanics of the Victorian era and “punk” from the cyberpunk genre, steampunk fashion fosters fashion with a twist of science fiction. Steampunk jewelry portrays a glam-up side of hardwares like cogs, pocket watch parts…

Lustrous shell cracking pendants for an elegant jewelry design

Sea mollusks (sea shells) have about them the natural luster and shine of sea water pearls. These outer coverings are made of calcium carbonate —the same mineral composition found in human and animal teeth and bones. It accounts for the shells’ natural durability against breaking when cut and shaped with metal tools. It can stand grinding and can be polished to…

6 Jewelry Pieces That Will Elevate Your Winter Looks

The cold season is officially upon us! I bet you are ready with your turtlenecks and thick winter coats and have cleaned your favorite boots. You might even have prepared your scarves or maybe knitted new ones. You are absolutely winter ready!  But what about your jewelry?


As temperatures continue to drop, your jewelry styles should elevate. From statement rings,…

Stringing Materials for Your Jewelry Projects Part II

As you learn how to get creative with your jewelry projects, you’ll be mastering fundamental jewelry techniques along the way.  But instead of just learning the skills with the usual how-tos, you’ll also get more familiar with different stringing materials.


There are many types of materials that are available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and finishes which we…

Jewelry Ideas for Summer Weddings

Summer has officially started and that means wedding season is finally here!


There are plenty of jewelry trends that are now gracing the aisles this summer. So whether you are a guest, a member of the wedding entourage or the bride herself, we’ve list down a few jewelry ideas that will help you complete your wedding look.


  • Grecian-themed Hair Pieces.

Why You Should Try Using Coconut Jewelry

One of our most unique jewelry is the coconut beads and pendants. As the name suggests, it’s made from natural coconuts from the tropical country of the Philippines. Below are some reasons why you should try out this amazing jewelry material.


1. All-natural and abundant raw material!

Our coconut raw material comes from a…