Pandora Beads: Add a Colorful Touch to Your Winter Looks

If there’s anything most people dislike about December, it’s the freezing temperatures. The days are dark and cold, and we’re always bundled up in layers and layers of clothing. On the flip side, we can all stay warm by the fire with some hot cocoa while watching our favorite films.


While most of the winter days may seem like a drab…

5 Jewelry Trends to Look Forward to this Winter

Styling during the winter months can be tricky since we’re in layers and layers of clothing. But still, don’t shy away from fantastic statement pieces and bold jewelry.


Stay ahead of the curve with our selection of winter jewelry trends. You can wear each piece all week or you can try a variety of pieces in constant rotation.



White pearls…

5 Color Trends to Add Warmth to Your Winter Wardrobe

Puffer coats, chunky knits, beanies, and gloves –winter is absolutely here. The temperatures have dropped and you’re all bundled up. But that doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice your daily styles.


While most of us are constantly donning the tried-and–true winter colors like dark browns and grays, a prevalence of bright and inviting colors for your jewelry creations are here to bring…

Get Creative This Spooky Season with Halloween Jewelry

It’s that time of year again when you can be your outlandish self. Yes, I’m talking about Halloween.


The spooky season is not just about having fun and watching your favorite scary movies. It’s also about wearing things that you wouldn’t normally wear — the creative, creepy and crazy outifts that have been buried deep in your closet for months…

3 Jewelry Design Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Seeing pink ribbons everywhere? You’re not the only one.


Deemed as the international symbol of breast cancer awareness, pink ribbons are worn by many in October. Way back in October 1985, the first organized movement brought attention the dangers of breast cancer. From then on, several campaigns across the world continued in order to bring awareness to this disease that…

Long Necklaces: 5 Styles to Upgrade Your Fall Looks

You’ve already picked out your outfit and your shoes. Your hair is done and you look in the mirror and then you’re stumped. Something is definitely missing.


Your jewelry, of course.


If you want a jewelry piece that will complete your outfit, then you’ll absolutely love long necklaces. Fall is all about dressing to the nines — leather jackets, faux…

Jewelry Styles for Your Picky Virgo Friend

Can you believe we’re heading towards the end of August? It’s Virgo season already!


Considered as the pickiest among the zodiac signs, it can be a little tricky to find a gift for the perfectionist Virgo. This earth sign cares about the little details, and can be very precise and organized. On the other hand, Virgos are practical, down to…

Getting to Know the Different Types of Handmade Jewelry

A lot of jewelry enthusiasts now prefer handmade jewelry over mass-produced jewelry. This is because handmade jewelry is unique — no two pieces look the same. From complex designs that can take days or even weeks to finish to easy, simple styles, handmade jewelry always gives a lasting impression to the onlooker.


Let’s take a look at more reasons why…