Ethical Fashion: A Closer Look at Coconut Jewelry

Ethical fashion has been all the rage recently. Beaders have now incorporated materials that are recyclable into their jewelry designs.


If you’re a conscious consumer and you care about the environment, then you’d know that prioritizing ethics and sustainability in the production process is vital. With this, we’ve picked another native material that will let you practice ethical fashion.



Choose Limestone Coral Jewelry and Save the Ocean

Coral reefs fill the ocean with color and life. They are gorgeous underwater fixtures that decorate the sea bed. More importantly, they’re essential to the growth and survival of plenty of species of marine life.


Considered as the “rainforests of the sea,” coral reefs are the habitat of around 25 percent of the ocean’s fish and other organisms. Recently, we…

Why Choose Sterling Silver to Fill Your Jewelry Collection Part II

Preferred for its value and sophistication, sterling silver exudes beauty and is long-wearing which is a great choice for everyday use. Sterling silver is easy to wear and affordable and will always be every woman’s go-to piece no matter the occasion.


Here are more reasons to fill your jewelry collection with sterling silver.


Durability. Sterling silver can last a lifetime if…

Why Choose Sterling Silver To Fill Your Jewelry Collection Part I

Some people shy away from buying sterling silver because they are “too expensive.” Others avoid them for they don’t have good quality — they are not pure gold or are not deemed as fine jewelry.


In this article, we’ll give you reasons why you should begin purchasing your first sterling silver (and why you should do it now!).


A few fun…

Pinky Ring: The Latest Must-Have Accessory this Summer

Can’t beat the summer heat?


If you’re one of the those girls who love some serious arm candies, now is the time to ditch them and opt for pieces that won’t weigh you down. You can still show off your personal style with something unassuming yet has flair. Why not go for pinky rings?


Relatively smaller than a regular ring,…

Jewelry Spotlight: Whitewood Beads and Nangka Beads

A modest material usually found in the offices and in our homes, wood has been considered to be the makings of a gift to mark the early years of marriage.


At the moment, wood has taken the jewelry world by storm.


Let’s take a look at two wood beads that hold a pride of place in every jewelry enthusiast’s creations.



Basic Beading Supplies for a Smooth and Fun Beadwork Part 2

A piece of intricate jewelry, when created by a beader for the first time, can be absolutely gorgeous. But it can also be a bit challenging to work on.


With a few basic tools, you should have no trouble in continuing your jewelry projects and in making your work wildly artistic in the future.


Magnifier. You may have a work light…

Basic Beading Supplies for a Smooth and Fun Beadwork Part 1

New to the world of beading?


Whether you’re already an experienced beader or a newbie, it’s always a good idea to have the essential supplies in your toolkit. You may be overwhelmed with the selection but there are only a few necessary tools to begin with.


Enjoy your beading projects with a solid foundation of the items below.


Beading Thread. Unlike regular…