Getting to Know the Different Types of Handmade Jewelry

A lot of jewelry enthusiasts now prefer handmade jewelry over mass-produced jewelry. This is because handmade jewelry is unique — no two pieces look the same. From complex designs that can take days or even weeks to finish to easy, simple styles, handmade jewelry always gives a lasting impression to the onlooker.


Let’s take a look at more reasons why people are flocking to local artisans to have their very own handmade jewelry.


  • Handmade jewelry is a labor of love. Creating a piece takes time depending on the complexity of the style. Every piece is carefully designed and the process is executed properly.


  • There’s history behind every piece— what the jewelry is about, where the materials are sourced and the inspiration behind the design.


  • When you purchase handmade jewelry, you help local artisans continue to pursue their passion.


  • Local artisans know where to scour the best materials so you can guarantee that most of the materials are ethically sourced.



What are the types of handmade jewelry?


Beaded Jewelry

This is perhaps one of the most popular techniques in jewelry making. The technique involves utilizing a single strand of stringing material, and making use of beads in quirky shapes, numbers or letters to add interest. Beaded jewelry can be challenging when using tiny beads, but it can  amplify your skill in beadwork.


Assembled Jewelry

Deemed as the most straightforward type of handmade jewelry, assembled jewelry is a fantastic technique for creating customized jewelry at reasonable costs. It is done by making jewelry from charms, chains and jewelry findings. Hence, this technique is considered the go-to technique for those who are new to jewelry making. Most newbies can easily learn the process in a few days or so.


Hand-Stamped/Engraved Jewelry

For personalized custom jewelry, hand stamping is the way to go. The craft is easy as it mostly involves simple tools and techniques. Hand-stamped jewelry is produced by hammering a metal stamp impression onto a metal blank. Stamps come in varying designs like animal shapes, holiday symbols, letters of the alphabet, and more.


Wire-wrapped Jewelry

The great thing about wire-wrapped jewelry is you can be very experimental with it. For simple techniques, jewelry makers create jewelry with a frame that is adorned with a variety of ornaments, and are connected with coils of wrapped wire. When it comes to intricate designs, a range of wire weaving techniques are incorporated into the creation using thinner wires.


Ready to purchase your very first handmade jewelry? We hope the list above could inspire you to give it a go! With handmade jewelry, you not only have a personalized piece, but one that will last for years to come. It is an investment worth every penny and can be passed down to the next generation.


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