September Birthstone: The Sophisticated Sapphire

The gem that stands for wisdom, loyalty, and nobility, sapphire has been known to focus the mind and encourage self-discipline. In ancient times, it was reputed to have healing powers like curing boils and diseases of the eye and served as an antidote to poison.


Most people think this gem only comes in royal blue but it actually has a…

August Birthstone: The Posh Peridot

One of the very few gemstones with natural olive green color that is not routinely treated, peridot has unique interesting properties which make it the right birthstone for August.


Since the ancient times, many have been attracted to this gemstone because of its beauty, mystery, and grandeur. Even today, the popularity of peridot hasn’t waned.


So, what makes this gemstone…

July Birthstone: The Regal Ruby

The birthstone for July babies, ruby is considered the king of precious gems.

The name comes from rubeus, the Latin word for red. Treasured throughout history for its vitality, the strength and red fluorescence of a ruby make it ideal to create medical instruments, lasers, and watches.


Because of its red color, the vibrant ruby is said to bring love, success,…

Summer Weddings: How to Look Put-Together as a Wedding Guest

Summer is officially here and that means vacations, festivals, pool parties, and summer weddings of course!


Speaking of weddings, have you ever received a wedding invitation that left you feeling confused about what to wear?


You’re not alone as this is a rather common problem. To help you choose a wedding outfit and jewelry the next time you attend a summer…

Pearls: Why They Are The Go-To Jewelry for Every Woman

Did you know that pearls have already overtaken diamonds as a girl’s best friend?


It’s absolutely easy to understand why. Pearls are delicate, sophisticated, and charming and you feel like a million dollars when wearing them. You can also wear them with anything in your wardrobe. If you’re a fashionista and you don’t have pearls in your jewelry box,…

May Birthstone: The Enthralling Emerald

May is here and spring has officially sprung!


Expect green hues to blanket the great outdoors. This color is just fitting as the green emerald is the birthstone of May.


This gemstone is a great choice for engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, and so much more. Since it has been around for centuries, the emerald has fascinated many jewelry enthusiasts because of…