Which Jewelry Metal Suit Your Taste?

We all know that gold and silver reign supreme among jewelry metals. But stainless steel and platinum are slowly gaining popularity these days. Want to know why?


In this article, we’ll highlight different kinds of jewelry metals and what clothing styles and colors you can pair them with. Learn more about each metal and perhaps you can find one that…

4 Reasons Why Charm Bracelets Still Continue to “Charm” Everyone

How do you preserve life’s significant milestones? How do you make sure  memories will never be forgotten?


There are lots to celebrate in life and we keep those moments close to our hearts. We always want to be reminded of wonderful memories and that’s why charm jewelry is here — to make us treasure those memories forever.


Charm jewelry –especially a…

Make a Bold Statement with Handmade Natural Jewelry

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” —-Elizabeth Taylor


True indeed!


Jewelry comes in different forms and styles and created from different materials. But if there’s a jewelry material that will make you stand out from the crowd, it’s natural materials.


In ancient times, people made use of natural materials to create utensils, decorative…

5 Summer Color Trends to Incorporate into Your Jewelry Creations

Summer is here!

There is something magical about this season. The warm weather brings the energy and life out of us. The breeze and the sun-filled days make us look forward to lots of outdoor activities.


Aside from planning to head to the beach, dipping your toes in the sand and collecting shells, or preparing for barbecue parties in the…

5 Summer Jewelry Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

Excited for long summer days?


You might not think of switching your everyday jewelry for summer-inspired trinkets but believe me: a pair of colorful earrings can definitely take you from drab to summer fab.


Recently, things are slowly opening up and we’re allowed to visit certain places (with protocols in place, of course!) so why not wear a trinket or two….

8 Quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Memorable Holiday

There’s no place like home for the holidays. This line resonates even more now that we’re in a weird state this year. With the ongoing pandemic, we are forced to celebrate different occasions in our respective homes.


Regardless if you’re celebrating with friends in your apartment or with the people in your household, here are some of the best ways…

The Eco-Friendly and Exquisite Beauty of Horn Beads

Incorporating a raw and organic flare to your beading creations is easy when you include horn beads.


Deemed as one of the oldest materials humans have utilized, horn beads were incorporated into the daily lives of ancient tribes. They believed in the practice of not wasting resources. Animal horns were used in every way possible –decors, weapons, and even…

Seed and Nut Beads: Infusing an Organic and Tropical Feel to Your Jewelry Designs

Over the years, seed and nut beads have graced the beading world with their earthy feel, quirky looks, and organic charm. They are available in various designs, worn on different occasions, and come in a range of shapes, cuts, and colors. It’s no wonder why seed and nut beads continue to be popular materials when creating natural jewelry.


How Seed…

Top 5 Jewelry Styles for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again!


Christmas lights are already dotting the city and holidays songs are playing on the radio. Even if things are a bit different, one can never deny that Christmas is in the air. With this, you might already have invitations from relatives and friends. Have you planned out your outfits? How about your jewelry?


Finding the…