Rethinking the Art of Jewelry Making

Ever wondered why some jewelry pieces call our attention, some simply don’t?

Let’s consider two approaches to learning jewelry making: as a craft, and as an art. A brief differentiation of each approach can help us align our preferred techniques with our ultimate design goal: create jewelry that gets noticed and sells..

Although I’m equally comfortable with both approaches, I’m more inclined with the…

Natural beads from a wild grass

Panyas is tropical grass plant with sword-shaped leaves and hard white spherical seeds that are used as natural seeds and nuts beads. Its seeds, also commonly known as “Job’s tears“, “Mary’s tears“, “bead plant“, or “tear drops“, take on the shape of tear droplets and are pearly white, or grayish in color. This wild grass is native to most tropical regions…

Designer’s Fix: Tips on Overcoming the Creative Block

Ever faced a creative block? Like it or not, artists wrestle with these inescapable dry spells from time to time – times when you want to create, need to create, have to create, and you just can’t. For some, these frustrating episodes seem to stick around longer. Jewelry designers, likewise, struggle through such long, futile hours unable to find the…

Design tip: use silver components to enhance basic jewelry

Jewelry trends this season favor the sensual and classic styles with bigger pieces, bolder colors, and unique designs. Organic /natural materials continue to grace this cooler season with focus on the “fusion” looks —popularly, with sterling silver.

Here are some basic silver jewelry beads  and findings to complete your “fusion” designs:

An easy guide to “the effective use of color” in beaded jewelry designs

Color is practically the “lifeblood” of good design, in this case —beaded jewelry designs. Color can work for or against your design. Color can set the mood of a jewelry piece —as an example: use a playful mix of bright colors to express a “happy” design. The key, really, is to “combine” colors harmoniously in such that it attracts…

Getting Inspiration for Your Jewelry Designs

As a jewelry designer, are you passionate about working on different design ideas? Do you enjoy bringing your ideas to life?


With a range of materials and fabrics to work on, the possibilities of creating a piece of jewelry are endless.  As the many choices can seem overwhelming, it can be challenging to know where to start especially if you…

Stringing Materials for Your Jewelry Projects Part I

As a beader, how many different types of stringing materials have you used?


If you already have plenty of jewelry projects in mind, knowing what type of stringing materials could get a little confusing as there are plenty to choose from. In this article, we’ll give you the most common stringing materials and where you could use them for.