7 Tips to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner Safely

The ongoing crisis has prevented us to resume to our usual activities. And with Thanksgiving in a week, there’s a big chance that we may not celebrate this holiday in a traditional way this year.


But if you’re keen on hosting a thanksgiving dinner, here are some ways to celebrate safely.


Scale Back the Guest List

If you’re the type to always…

5 Ways to Stylishly Stack Your Rings

Layering your clothes? How about layering your jewelry?

Since we’ve already talked about layering bracelets, why don’t we try layering rings? If you haven’t joined the “stacking game” yet, perhaps you’re wondering how to stack your favorite rings without going overboard. Maybe it’ll take some time to work up the courage to stack your rings, but with our inspiration below,…

5 Last-Minute Jewelry Ideas to Look Extra Creepy This Halloween

Halloween is apparently going to be very different this year as the pandemic isn’t over yet. We’re still physically distancing ourselves from others and doing our best to take the necessary precautions when we go out. But should we celebrate this spooky holiday? Yes, in a safe way, of course.

With just a few more days to go before the…

A Closer Look at How Shells are Harvested and Cleaned

Fashionistas and trendsetters can’t get enough of puka, cowrie, and cockle shells. Many have jumped to this trend but it’s important to know where seashells are sourced, and how they are harvested and cleaned.


Considered as a haven for shell collectors, the Philippines has a vast offering of seashells. This comes as no surprise as the country has one of…