A Closer Look at How Shells are Harvested and Cleaned

Fashionistas and trendsetters can’t get enough of puka, cowrie, and cockle shells. Many have jumped to this trend but it’s important to know where seashells are sourced, and how they are harvested and cleaned.


Considered as a haven for shell collectors, the Philippines has a vast offering of seashells. This comes as no surprise as the country has one of…

6 Activities to Keep You and Your Family Entertained While in Quarantine

How are you and your family coping while in isolation?


Now that we’re all in quarantine, which most likely will extend for weeks, months or even longer, some of you may be starting to be a little stir-crazy and desperate to go outside.


If you’re looking to incorporate more fun at home, here are a few activities that you can…

6 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself During the Outbreak

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, fear has gripped nations across the world. As developments and updates of the disease have taken over the news and social media, it’s normal to feel a wave of uncertainty, stress, anxiety, and worry.


It’s understandable to deal with negative emotions, but that doesn’t mean neglecting your health and well-being while you’re quarantined at home.


Here are…