Summer Jewelry Inspiration Part 1

Already feeling the summer heat yet?


The 90-degree weather is around the corner and with pool parties and beach nights on your schedule, it’s time to review your jewelry checklist.


Since the hot days ahead call for simple yet stylish outfits, let your favorite summer accessories take the lead. Don’t shy away from the new trends but also, don’t forget that…

4 Motivating Reasons to Master Your Jewelry-Making Skills

Obsessed with Pinterest boards containing jewelry and beading ideas? Do you have multiple browser bookmarks that are devoted to websites that talk about jewelry?


If you’re doing all of these, you’re definitely investing in yourself which is a great way to develop your jewelry-making skills.


Whether you’ve just started jewelry making purely as a hobby or you have plans to make…

10 Yellow Gemstones to Incorporate in your Jewelry Creations Part II

When searching for your own piece of yellow gemstone, be glad that you have accidentally stumbled upon this page as you will be spoilt for choice!


Yellow is such an exciting and warm color and lights up your beading creations! And when you incorporate it in your wardrobe, it will make you appear glamorous and luminescent.


Our part 2 of…

10 Best Yellow Gemstones to Incorporate in Your Jewelry Creations Part I

Plenty of jewelers and beading enthusiasts have now embraced colored gemstones, especially yellow gems.


Yellow gemstones have won the hearts of many all because of their striking and warm appearance. The color yellow has plenty of positive attributes which include enlightenment, energy, happiness, and loyalty. It also denotes wealth, health, and good luck for some cultures. Furthermore, this tone gets…