How to Deal with Difficult Customers Effectively

Regardless if you’re a seasoned owner or still learning the ropes of a beading business, you’ll have to deal with difficult customers every once in a while. So, what’s the best way to handle them?


In this article, we’ll give some tips on how to maintain your professionalism when handling difficult customers.


Keep in mind that difficult customers can be even…

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Cancerian Friend

Cancer season is definitely upon us!



Cancers rule the emotions. They are sensitive and empathetic, and are highly in tune with their intuition. When it comes to clothing styles, they prefer soft fabrics and dresses that are flowy and lightweight. As for colors, they favor light and playful tones particularly pastels.


Curious to know what kind of jewelry Cancers gravitate to?…

4 Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Geminis in your Life

Gemini season is on the upswing!


For our newest installment of our zodiac signs birthday guide, it’s all about the Gemini. Symbolized by twins Castor and Pollux, this sign rules communication and day-to-day expression, and likes being mentally stimulated. Geminis are extroverted folks, and know how to appreciate a good party and just about any gift.


If you know a Gemini…