Get Creative This Spooky Season with Halloween Jewelry

It’s that time of year again when you can be your outlandish self. Yes, I’m talking about Halloween.


The spooky season is not just about having fun and watching your favorite scary movies. It’s also about wearing things that you wouldn’t normally wear — the creative, creepy and crazy outifts that have been buried deep in your closet for months on end. Let those outfits come alive and pair them with the right accessories listed below.




Skeleton jewelry looks a little unnerving, but they obviously steal the show. Dress up as your favorite vampire or someone from the Victorian era. Finish your outfit with a set of skeleton jewelry to make your look as creepy and as sinister as possible.



Remember those terrifying wild boars in classic films that terrorize an entire town? Well, you can definitely take inspiration from those blood-curdling beasts. Bring out your spine-chilling side and create your very own tusk jewelry.  To make your look even more terrifying, chose a shaman costume or scary tribal witch doctor and accessorize with lots of tusk jewelry.


Flower Beads

If you love going for a look that is a bit similar to what people wear on the Day of the Dead, which is an annual activity in Mexico, then you’ll love working with flower beads. Day of the Dead also fall on the same day as Halloween so you can take inspiration from this event. Dress up in floral prints, wear floral headpieces and complete your look with flower beads in a variety of tones.

Pandora Jewelry

Halloween need not be creepy or dark all the time. That’s why we’re giving you pandora beads so you can incorporate color and whimsy to your costumes. Dress up like the character Moana and put on some pandora jewelry –the best combo for a lively Halloween look. Also, we’re still in a rather unpredictable situation so it’s best to inject a bit of color and life during your Halloween celebrations.


Cheers to another season of frightful fun! If you still haven’t figured out your costume, we hope our list will inspire you to get creative. Remember that we’re still in uncertain times so make sure your Halloween celebration is not only memorable but a safe one as well.


Happy Halloween!


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