5 Color Trends to Add Warmth to Your Winter Wardrobe

5 Color Trends to Add Warmth to Your Winter Wardrobe

Puffer coats, chunky knits, beanies, and gloves –winter is absolutely here. The temperatures have dropped and you’re all bundled up. But that doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice your daily styles.


While most of us are constantly donning the tried-and–true winter colors like dark browns and grays, a prevalence of bright and inviting colors for your jewelry creations are here to bring warmth and cheer to the bleak days of winter.




Yellow—that warm and sunny color that lifts you up every single time. Gone are the days when yellow is worn ONLY on spring. We need yellow more than ever to brighten up the dull winter skies. We need yellow to bring us a bit of cheer and sunshine on days when we don’t feel like dressing up. So, if you’re the type to wear clothes in muted tones, jewelry in yellow hues will certainly jazz up your overall look.



Another color that is considered to be a spring staple — pink. Just like its cousin yellow, pink is a tone that gives a carefree and lighthearted feel to your everyday wardrobe. Jewelry in pink tones stand out from the crowd. This is the tone that says “I am bold and I can dare.” Because apparently, not a lot of people can dare to wear pink on wintertime.



Red is always associated with Christmas. But it doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the yuletide season to try this color. Red is vibrant and striking. It has the appropriate amount of excitement and intensity, but also drama and allure. An ideal color for a night out with friends, wear jewelry in red tones and make yourself look like the darling of the crowd.



Navy blue has always been a winter staple. But let’s not forget that there’s another shade of blue that’s worth the attention — turquoise. It is chic yet not too feminine. It is elegant and carries an air of authority.  Turquoise is the color that makes you look dressed up, but looks effortless at the same time. If your wardrobe is dominated by black, then complement it with  jewelry in turquoise hues –your trinkets will definitely pop!



If you want a soft and refined feel, lavender is for you. Lavender can easily blend well with other soft tones like brown and beige. It’s also a fantastic tone that adds whimsy to your jewelry collection. Lavender is fresh, easy on the eyes, and a great tone if you want to change things up.


The rise of colors for wintertime allows you to glow and feel cheerful from day to night. With the variety of colors to choose from, the only thing you’ll be concerned of is what color to try first. So, have fun with the choices above and we hope each tone will lift your mood as the temperature slowly drops.


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