5 Jewelry Trends to Look Forward to this Winter

Styling during the winter months can be tricky since we’re in layers and layers of clothing. But still, don’t shy away from fantastic statement pieces and bold jewelry.


Stay ahead of the curve with our selection of winter jewelry trends. You can wear each piece all week or you can try a variety of pieces in constant rotation.



White pearls are suitable for the winter months as they remind you of a blanket of snow. They’re great for everyday use as well as for winter party ensembles. A classic staple, pearls will always have that feeling of being quiet and refined yet regal and put-together.


Pandora Wood Beads

The winter bleakness is getting to you? Don’t let it! The weather is cold and damp so it’s the perfect time to get colorful pieces to lighten the mood. Enter pandora wood beads .Yes, I know what you’re thinking — this selection is perfect for spring. But it’s really not too early to sprinkle color and vivacity to your overall winter look.


Gold Chain Necklace

If you think that gold chains may not be for winter, think again. This time, the chunkier the better. The thin and elegant gold chain has been sought-after, but for winter 2021,  a thicker one is what you will need. Wear this piece on your Christmas parties and pair it with an elegant little black dress.


Mismatched Earrings

The quirkier, the better is absolutely a true sentiment for winter trends. When wearing thick coats and jackets, you want to highlight your ears and that is when mismatched earrings come in. Keep your style interesting by pairing earrings of the same length in different colors. You can also wear earrings in a variety of shapes — square-shaped earrings, round earrings, star-shapes, etc.  Or, if you want a simple yet noticeable style, wear a long earring in one ear and a shorter one in the other.


Charm Bracelet

Trendy bracelets? We’ll skip that for this season and go for charm bracelets instead. You may ask why, but it’s effortlessly easy to look for beauty and sentiment in a variety of pendants. The random pendants on your charm bracelet remind you of special moments shared with your loved ones or a particular milestone in your life.


So, if you’re looking for some guidance on how to curate your winter jewelry, look no further than the trends you see above. As the holiday season is fast approaching, it’s high time for you to audit your jewelry box. Know which pieces need replacement and which ones are hitting their expiration dates.

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