Long Necklaces: 5 Styles to Upgrade Your Fall Looks

Long Necklaces: 5 Styles to Upgrade Your Fall Looks

You’ve already picked out your outfit and your shoes. Your hair is done and you look in the mirror and then you’re stumped. Something is definitely missing.


Your jewelry, of course.


If you want a jewelry piece that will complete your outfit, then you’ll absolutely love long necklaces. Fall is all about dressing to the nines — leather jackets, faux faur and stylish cardigans. Long necklaces would be the perfect match to your favorite fall outfits.


A Feminine Take

If you love the feminine look, one that looks polished and put-together, then try putting on feminine necklaces. Choose a single strand necklace that has either gold or silver chain. Opting for a single focal piece brings out a sophisticated look and highlights the pendant. You can choose a pendant in pieces like a small charm, precious gem, coin pendant, birthstone or your initials.


Big and Bold

Not a fan of feminine necklaces? Try donning chunky ones! If you are a showstopper and want to get everyone’s attention the moment you enter a room, a big, bold necklace is the best contender. Be careful when you don this piece. Avoid wearing clothes that are too busy –patterns, various prints, ruffles etc. Opt for a plain yet refined outfit. Remember, you want the necklace to shine and be the center of attention.

Boho Fashion

When it comes to boho fashion, there are elements that you could incorporate — tassels, fringe, symbolic pendants, and many more. Layer up your necklaces for a more impactful look. As much as this style is great for everyday wear, boho fashion looks even more stunning when worn during festivals and other outdoor gatherings. You can wear this look with jeans or floral dresses.

Corporate Feel

A lot of people are working from home, but I’m sure there are some of you who are already spending long hours in the office. If you like to plan your outfits ahead, make sure you include your jewelry as well. For a put-together corporate look, use a delicate long necklace with a nice pendant. Plain long sleeves look great when paired with a delicate necklace that has an eye-catching pendant.

Weekend Style

Now that fall is around the corner, there’s nothing like a long walk on the weekend. Pair your favorite weekend look with a fun and trendy necklace. Weekends are for looks that are carefree as there are no workplace meetings. Most of the time, you hang out with friends and do random activities so choose a necklace that says more about your personality.


Long necklaces are versatile. They come in season after season, but they are certainly worn frequently during fall. Bring out your favorite long necklaces, stack them up, mix and match or keep your look simple. You may be wearing layers of clothes, but it just takes one stylish necklace to upgrade your day-to-day fall looks.


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