2015-2016 Fall/Winter Color Trends

With the onset of autumn season, the fashion trends also change with it. Aside from the trendiest accessories and clothes for the 2015-2016 fall/winter—there is another trend aspect that should be noted. We’re talking about the color trends! Listed below are the color trends that you might want to add to your fashion accessories and wardrobe.


1. Marsala

Learn How to Match your Outfit with the Right Bracelets!

Bracelets are a good addition to your outfit since it can make it more stylish and eye-catching. This is why you see some fashion-trendy people wearing stacks of bracelets or even just use one simple bracelet. In this article, we give you some options on various bracelet styles that can match your outfits.

* The Office/Professional Look

Most of the fashion…

3 Different Types of Seed Beads You Should Know

Depending on whom you ask—people would have different descriptions on seed beads. Some would say that seed beads are generally small beads that have round or cylinder shapes. Here at Beads & Pieces, our seed beads are actually organic—in which the seed and nut materials are gathered from exotic trees and plants in the Philippines. However, in this article,…

Jewelry-Making Crafts You Might Want to Try Out

There are dozens of jewelry-making techniques that you can master and incorporate in your designs. Among the common jewelry-making techs are simple like wire cutting, crimping beads, stringing, etc. If you’re already familiar with basic jewelry-making skills and have already mastered it—then you might be interested to try out something new and challenging. Listed below are intermediate-to-expert levels of…