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Horn Beads

Our natural horn beads are made from the Philippine water buffalo. It is locally called carabao. Because of the value of this animal, every part is used. Its horn is used in many crafts.  Horn can be hand-carved into decorative carvings, knife handles and more.  Horn can also be crafted to create beautiful beads that are dense, lightweight and elegant.
Design tip: Use our golden horn beads as a substitute for natural amber!

Grey Horn Beads

Round Horn Beads

Carved Horn Beads

Flat Rectangle & Disc Horn Beads

Silver/Gold Inlaid Horn Beads

Oval Horn Beads

Pukalet & Saucer Horn Beads

Square and Cube Horn Beads

Nuggets & Teardrop Horn Beads

Tube and Heishi Horn Beads

Twisted Horn Beads

Bicone & Faceted Horn Beads

Leaf, Heart & Half Moon Horn Beads

Hairpipes, Stick and Crow Horn Beads

New Burnt Horn

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Showing 1–50 of 225 results

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