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Our horn beads are honed from the Philippine carabao. In Philippine farming culture, every part of this local animal is used, its horn hand-carved to create a variety of beads that are dense, lightweight and elegant.
Design tip: Use our golden horn beads as a substitute for natural amber!

Grey Horn Beads

Round Horn Beads

Carved Horn Beads

Flat Rectangle & Disc Horn Beads

Silver/Gold Inlaid Horn Beads

Oval Horn Beads

Pukalet & Saucer Horn Beads

Square and Cube Horn Beads

Nuggets & Teardrop Horn Beads

Tube and Heishi Horn Beads

Twisted Horn Beads

Bicone & Faceted Horn Beads

Leaf, Heart & Half Moon Horn Beads

Hairpipes, Stick and Crow Horn Beads

New Burnt Horn

Showing 1–50 of 235 results

Showing 1–50 of 235 results

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