Jewelry Spotlight: Whitewood Beads and Nangka Beads

A modest material usually found in the offices and in our homes, wood has been considered to be the makings of a gift to mark the early years of marriage.


At the moment, wood has taken the jewelry world by storm.


Let’s take a look at two wood beads that hold a pride of place in every jewelry enthusiast’s creations.



4 Motivating Reasons to Master Your Jewelry-Making Skills

Obsessed with Pinterest boards containing jewelry and beading ideas? Do you have multiple browser bookmarks that are devoted to websites that talk about jewelry?


If you’re doing all of these, you’re definitely investing in yourself which is a great way to develop your jewelry-making skills.


Whether you’ve just started jewelry making purely as a hobby or you have plans to make…

Basic Beading Supplies for a Smooth and Fun Beadwork Part 2

A piece of intricate jewelry, when created by a beader for the first time, can be absolutely gorgeous. But it can also be a bit challenging to work on.


With a few basic tools, you should have no trouble in continuing your jewelry projects and in making your work wildly artistic in the future.


Magnifier. You may have a work light…

Basic Beading Supplies for a Smooth and Fun Beadwork Part 1

New to the world of beading?


Whether you’re already an experienced beader or a newbie, it’s always a good idea to have the essential supplies in your toolkit. You may be overwhelmed with the selection but there are only a few necessary tools to begin with.


Enjoy your beading projects with a solid foundation of the items below.


Beading Thread. Unlike regular…

Jewelry Spotlight: Tiger Ebony Wood Beads and Horn Beads

When it comes to jewelry, we often live for whimsical and bright pieces that catch the eye.


But at the moment, natural beads have won the hearts of many beading enthusiasts. There’s something about natural beads that give off an understated elegance to a jewelry design.


In this article, we’ve highlighted two natural beads with design ideas that will hopefully spark…