May Birthstone: The Enthralling Emerald

May is here and spring has officially sprung!


Expect green hues to blanket the great outdoors. This color is just fitting as the green emerald is the birthstone of May.


This gemstone is a great choice for engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, and so much more. Since it has been around for centuries, the emerald has fascinated many jewelry enthusiasts because of…

Must-Have Jewelry Staples for Women (Part II)

Have you already completed your wardrobe essentials? How about your jewelry staples?


Securing your jewelry staples is important as they can go with a variety of outfits and help you save time and money. Whatever the occasion, you can always count on these versatile pieces to make you look classy and sophisticated. From a birthday bash and intimate parties to…

Cocktail Ring: The Statement Jewelry that is Here to Stay

A cocktail ring is one of the classic pieces of fashion jewelry and is typically worn to different fancy events. This bold statement piece has become the favorite of jewelry lovers season after season. Though some people prefer to use cocktail rings at formal parties, others wear them when dressed casually.


But why are they called cocktail rings and when…

A Guide to Different Types of Jewelry Clasps

Excited to create your next piece of jewelry? Have you decided what colors, style and size you’ll incorporate in your future jewelry projects?


When creating a piece of jewelry, one thing that’s often disregarded but is very essential is the type of clasp that will best fit your creation. Now there are plenty of clasps to choose from. Some clasps…

4 Tips to Consider Before Investing in Jewelry

Jewelry is a wearable art. It provides glam and individuality to the wearer.


If you want to invest in jewelry, opt for an item that is absolutely worth it. Investing in the right jewelry can give you confidence. It also feels special. There’s something delightful about the glow of precious metals and gemstones.


Now there are several factors to keep in…