Anklet Styles for Your Next Summer Vacation

Anklets are back in full force and are here to perk up your summer!


In the previous article, we’ve talked about how to style anklets and the do’s and don’ts when wearing them. Now that summer is just around the corner, we’ll highlight the ways on how you can amplify your anklet’s style potential.


The following anklet styles will provide…

Anklets: The Throwback Jewelry is Back in Style

Do you ever feel some sort of nostalgia when you watch reruns of your favorite 90’s show? Do you find yourself wishing to wear those trendy 90’s jewelry like the anklet perhaps?


Guess what? Anklets are making a comeback this year!


If you’re a 90’s child, you’d be delighted to know that not only will you embrace this trend again but…

6 Jewelry Trends to Look Forward this Summer

Summer is fast approaching!


It’s a time for doing less and doing more fun stuff — a time to treat yourself with some beautiful trinkets! This season is about going for the classics or experimenting with different bold pieces. But seriously, you don’t have to wait till the hot season comes as you can wear summer’s hottest trends the year…

A Closer Look at How Shells are Harvested and Cleaned

Fashionistas and trendsetters can’t get enough of puka, cowrie, and cockle shells. Many have jumped to this trend but it’s important to know where seashells are sourced, and how they are harvested and cleaned.


Considered as a haven for shell collectors, the Philippines has a vast offering of seashells. This comes as no surprise as the country has one of…