6 Color Trends That Will Reign Supreme This Fall

While we are slowly transitioning into fall, there’s no question that we’re already looking forward to some of the color trends that will rule the season. In this article, we dive into the colors that will put life and energy to your fall wardrobe.


From the versatile gray to midnight blue and unexpected hints of orange, we’re sharing the most…

Arm Candy: 4 Ways to Stack Your Bracelets Like a Pro

Are you an arm candy enthusiast? Do you love to over accessorize?


While many are obsessed with wearing multiple earrings, others love to layer bracelets. Are you one of those people? Well, it’s not always easy to pick the right bracelet style when you have so many to choose from. So, why not stack ‘em up, right?


You may be…

5 Jewelry Trends to Complement Your Wardrobe This Fall

The temperatures are starting to drop and you know what that means — chunky knits, biker jackets, turtlenecks, and boots (bye bye denim cut-offs!) We’re starting to refresh our wardrobe and our jewelry as well.


Put those cowrie bracelets and wooden bangles back to the jewelry boxes, and adorn yourself with pieces that are noticeable even when you’re already…

4 Ways to Wear Jewelry in your 30s

They say that a lot of things change in your 30s — friends, goals, personal style, and of course, jewelry. This is a time to streamline your favorite baubles and keep the ones that are timeless and versatile. Enough with the “I-can-only-buy-cheap-pieces” attitude and start updating your looks.

Your 30s are a time where you feel more confident, as…

Handmade vs. Machine-Made Jewelry: Which One is For You?

You often make a statement when choosing a piece of jewelry. Whether you want to wear something that has a personal meaning or you just want to look flashy, the jewelry itself does the job. So, when it comes to picking out your own jewelry, do you go for handmade or machine-made?


For Special Occasions

Jewelry worn for special occasions,…

5 Ways to Support Your Local Beaders During the Pandemic

In these uncertain times, a lot of local shops have temporarily closed, some offices have work-from-home arrangements, and a number of employees have lost their jobs. As more and more people continue to be cooped up at home, many activities are currently being put on hold.


Though most of us are already beginning to adapt to the current changes,…

6 Reasons to Incorporate Wood Beads to Your Jewelry Creations

Over the years, wood beads have won the hearts of many jewelry enthusiasts. They add an earthy feel to any outfit. They also make great additions to jewelry-making projects.


Want to know why wood beads continue to be sought after? The reasons below will have you itching to purchase plenty of wood beads and start creating new jewelry projects.