6 Spring Jewelry Trends To Rock This 2019

Springtime calls for colorful yet eye-catching jewelry trends!


We are seeing a few comebacks this year — jewelry that is bold and vibrant, and creates an impression. Apart from the usual dainty and prim jewelry that we typically see every spring, the trends this year have now reached a level where pieces like chains and links can be worn with…

6 Useful Hacks for Traveling with Jewelry

Planning your next getaway?


As a jewelry enthusiast, have you considered how to pack and organize your jewelry?


It’s every woman’s nightmare to lose a piece of jewelry when unpacking after a long haul flight. Seeing the beautiful pieces getting tangled and jumbled or even losing an earring is just disastrous.


Here are 6 hacks for a stress-free travel with your jewelry…

6 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s day gift? Why not give your Valentine a beautiful and meaningful jewelry?


Forget about teddy bears and chocolates, do it different this time and give jewelry instead. Whether your Valentine is an adventurer, a lover of luxurious brands, a hippie or just a laid-back person, she will definitely love and appreciate the effort that you…

How to Keep Your Creativity Flowing This 2019

Have you ever tried working on piece after piece of fabulous jewelry and then voila!- You’re stuck! The creative ideas are out the window even though you’ve been working on your creations for over a few days.


This 2019, how can you keep your creative juices flowing? What will you do when you’re stuck in a rut?


Talk to customers. If…

January Birthstone: The Bewitching Garnet

Happy birthday, January babies!


January’s birthstone, the garnet, has a rich and celebrated history. This stone has been known to symbolize many outstanding qualities like loyalty, self-confidence, and passion. It is also a lucky stone for business relationships, love, and success.


If you’re one of the few to be born in January, you are in for a treat as garnet comes…

December Birthstones: The Fabulous Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon

December Birthstones

Got the winter blues?


December has three birthstones to help you fight the chill this month –turquoise, tanzanite, and zircon.


With shades of blue found on these stones, you won’t have trouble adding a bit of sparkle to your winter outfits.


These gemstones are surprisingly inexpensive but their beauty is incomparable. Zircon can be a nice replacement for diamond, tanzanite can…

November Birthstones: The Dazzling Topaz and Citrine

Born on the month of November?


You’re in for a treat as you can take a pick between two bright gemstones to lighten up the cool season. Topaz and citrine are both popular for bringing warmth and fortune to the wearer.


These two birthstones also look quite similar that at times, they can be mistaken for one another. But they are…