Color Combinations to Elevate Your Jewelry Creations Part 2

Ever get stuck when choosing the right colors for your beading projects?


Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Selecting the right color combinations can at times be quite challenging, especially when you want to incorporate variety to your work.


Whether your jewelry creations are for business or leisure, we hope the list below will provide you the inspiration you…

Color Combinations to Elevate Your Jewelry Creations Part 1

Need to amp up your jewelry creations?


Be confident and experimental when choosing color combinations. Selecting what colors that match is a skill that you should hone to step up your jewelry creations.


In this article, we’ve put together some of the most interesting (and surprising) color combinations that will help you create an array of jewelry designs that are sure…

Bone Beads: From a Prehistoric Adornment to a Sought-After Jewelry

Did you know that bone jewelry played a role in human prehistory?


The first human beings liked to create beautiful adornments which served as gifts to another. Bone jewelry was actually one of the first types of prehistoric adornment.


A bit of history…

Believed to be made from naturally available materials like bones, shells, stone, wood, and animal teeth, the earliest…

Pinky Ring: The Latest Must-Have Accessory this Summer

Can’t beat the summer heat?


If you’re one of the those girls who love some serious arm candies, now is the time to ditch them and opt for pieces that won’t weigh you down. You can still show off your personal style with something unassuming yet has flair. Why not go for pinky rings?


Relatively smaller than a regular ring,…

8 Classic Jewelry Must-Haves for Every Woman


8 Classic Jewelry Must-Haves for Every Woman


Love shopping and scouring the malls for the latest trends?


Well, you’re not the only one. Most ladies get into the habit of purchasing different outfits while maintaining the basics. How about your jewelry? Do you update them as well?


Your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without the right accessories. Be it going to the…

Types of Natural Wood Beads Part 1

Wood beads have been considered personal favorites by many jewelry enthusiasts. For one thing, the organic appeal of wood beads sparks their creativity. For another, they bring up ancestral memories and look great when paired with other natural materials.


In this article, we highlighted the types of natural wood beads that come from the Philippines. These beads are made from…