3 Jewelry Design Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Seeing pink ribbons everywhere? You’re not the only one.


Deemed as the international symbol of breast cancer awareness, pink ribbons are worn by many in October. Way back in October 1985, the first organized movement brought attention the dangers of breast cancer. From then on, several campaigns across the world continued in order to bring awareness to this disease that affects millions of women.


Why Pink?


It’s important to note why pink was chosen to be the official color of breast cancer awareness. Apart from this color’s feminine association, many studies have found out that pink is:

  • Uplifting
  • Calming
  • Playful
  • Stress Relieving

A few pink jewelry design ideas that you can take inspiration from:




Pink Cedrella Flower and Mop Choker

An organic beauty! When you’re on vacation, pair this with a plain white dress to make it pop! If you’re in a corporate setting, a nice black turtleneck would be the perfect outfit as it brings out the richness of the pink tones. If you’re on a night out, wear a black sleeveless dress for a fun and girly look.





Patani and Agoha Seed Color-Coordinating Necklace 

Love mixing red and pink tones? This Patani and Agoha Seed Color-Coordinating Necklace is ideal when you love mixing rich tones. Wear a gray pullover sweater and white pants for a casual and comfy yet on-trend autumn look.





Playful Multicolored “O” Ring Capiz Shell Leather Necklace

Got love for neon? Try creating this piece. Neon pink looks great when paired with other neons like blue, red, green, and yellow. Bold and captivating, this jewelry is perfect for festivals and other big events.





Other Activities to do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Aside from wearing your favorite pink jewelry, you can participate in other activities below.


  • Assist in organizing meals and deliveries for a loved-one who has been in and out of the hospital.


  • Put together a bulletin board that contains information about breast cancer. Make sure to place the board in a highly trafficked area in your workplace.


  • Attend breast cancer awareness events like a 5k run. There are plenty of organizations that host these kind of events in October so be sure to stay updated.


  • Encourage your friends to go to free breast cancer screenings. Early detection can help save lives.


Breast cancer has affected millions across the globe, and it isn’t easy seeing a friend or a loved-one going through this ordeal.  With our jewelry inspiration and activities listed above, we hope that you could do your part in raising breast cancer awareness this October. Engage in your local community, start a conversation, spread valuable information, and save a life.




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