Jewelry Styles for Your Picky Virgo Friend

Jewelry Styles for Your Picky Virgo Friend

Can you believe we’re heading towards the end of August? It’s Virgo season already!


Considered as the pickiest among the zodiac signs, it can be a little tricky to find a gift for the perfectionist Virgo. This earth sign cares about the little details, and can be very precise and organized. On the other hand, Virgos are practical, down to earth and service-oriented — always ready to lend a helping hand.


If your Virgo pal is having a birthday in a few days or so and you’re unsure of what to give, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.



There’s a reason why Virgos are referred to as “old souls” as they don’t go gaga over trends. They’re the tribe who love all things classic and traditional. And that’s why a set of pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for them. Always a staple in every woman’s jewelry collection, pearls are the epitome of refinement and class — two words that best describe a Virgo woman.


Pandora-style jewelry

Virgos see the world through a magnifying glass. They notice everything around them and with this comes the need for control. They always see to it that everything is in perfect order. When life gets chaotic, it can be hard for a Virgo to function properly. The solution? A colorful and fun pandora-style jewelry. This serves as a reminder for Virgos that even though life can be chaotic sometimes, it can also be vibrant and enjoyable. 


Bone Beads

Books, history, facts, and research  — all these things interest a Virgo. They love to delve into the unknown, read about historical discoveries and learn new concepts. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos love to exchange ideas and get down to the most basic facts. That’s why a piece of jewelry made of bone beads will truly impress the fact-seeking Virgo. Bone beads have a long history in human civilization, and were considered among the earliest types of prehistoric adornment. Your Virgo pal will definitely appreciate this jewelry that comes with a huge history.


Seeds and Nuts

As an earth sign who is very connected with nature, Virgos love to spend the weekends trekking through deep forests, taking long walks at the botanical garden or renting a cabin somewhere in the middle of the woods. They also love to spend their time off gardening, and collecting herbs and spices. Hence, a jewelry made of seeds and nuts beads in a variety of colors is a fantastic gift to highlight their earthy nature.


As a  grounded earth sign,  Virgos are the happiest when they take care of their loved-ones. So, be sure to pamper your Virgo pal by making her feel extra special on her natal day with a jewelry or two from the list above. Don’t forget to add a little note –she’ll definitely appreciate the extra effort!

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