5 Color Trends that Will Add Life to Your Fall Wardrobe

5 Color Trends that Will Add Life to Your Fall Wardrobe

We may be slowly resuming our lives, but one can’t help but still feel a bit of dread and gloom. But fret not as we give you  jewelry color trends to fill you and your wardrobe with life.


This fall is all about sprinkling a bit of color to your wardrobe and to your jewelry collection. Take a look at some of fall’s hottest color trends.


Golden Hues

Think golden leaves that slowly fall off the branches and scatter to the ground. Golden tones also mimic the sun on a late fall afternoon or the soft glow of scented candles on your bedside table. Whether you want a simple bracelet or a bold necklace, adding some golden hues will definitely keep you looking bright and sunny this fall.



Vibrant blue for fall? This is probably not something you normally see during fall season as it apparently reminds you of summer. After all, nothing feels so much better than lounging by the beachside with a cocktail in hand. If you’re a bit confused on how to incorporate this to your jewelry collection, create a pair of drop earrings in your favorite shade of blue. This will add a pop of color to your usual monochromatic outfits.



If you’ve been waiting to bust out those shades of maroon or burgundy, then now is the ideal time. If red is your favorite color, the fall season will inspire you to go for a deeper and darker red. This tone is great for creating sexier a or spookier jewelry (hello, Halloween!). So, don’t hesitate to bring out your darker side with jewelry in rich red tones.



Deemed as a fall mainstay, olive has the ability to go with absolutely everything. Regardless if you pair this with other shades of green or muted tones, olive will remind you of whiling away in the park where you lie on grassy fields and watch the amazing fall foliage.



If you need a distraction from the chilly temperatures, a fun pink color is right for you. This tone might look a bit spring-ish for a lot of people, but trust me, pink does wonders when the weather is gray. Spice up your fall wardrobe and take your jewelry game to the next level with an oversized pink pendant.

Ready to experiment with bold colors this fall? Go ahead and feast your eyes on some of the season’s fun and eye-catching colors. We are now going for tones that arouse curiosity and excitement, and what better time than now to live passionately and in color!

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