Leo Jewelry

Leo Jewelry: Big, Bold and Bright

The royalty of the zodiac, Leo takes the spotlight this August.


Leos, especially Leo women, are simply hard to miss. They don’t make a quiet entrance — they make sure all eyes are on them upon their arrival.


When at a gathering, you can easily spot a Leo woman in the crowd as she loves to entertain — the life of the party indeed! When it comes to jewelry, she goes for pieces that are showstoppers –big, bold and bright. Whether it’ll be fancy gemstones or animal print, she isn’t afraid of mixing unexpected prints and colors.


If you have a Leo friend who is celebrating her birthday, here are jewelry pieces that are sure to impress her.


Layered Jewelry

A Leo woman is always taking the lead and never shies away from challenges be it at work or at home. Her personality shines through her jewelry choices so a layered jewelry is a great choice! Your Leo friend will be delighted with jewelry pieces like mixed metals, pearls or chunky chains.


Glittering Rocks

For a Leo woman, it’s always the bolder, the better. A diamond jewelry is a nice gift but don’t limit yourself to it. Colored gemstones can be great as well. When it comes to the size, Leos love pieces at are easily noticeable so go for chunky gemstones rings, bracelets or necklaces.


Hoop Earrings

Hoops are definitely showstoppers which is why hoop earrings are favorites among Leo women. You can opt for plain gold, but you can also go for pieces in a variety of animal prints. Also, thick hoops are right up a Leo woman’s alley as they make a strong impression. Don’t forget to choose thick hoops over thin ones.


Handmade Jewelry

Leos are never without luxury jewelry, but if you don’t have the budget, a handmade jewelry is a great alternative. Handmade jewelry has no “standard” look which is something that Leos love — they’ll be pleased that they’re the only ones wearing it. Additionally, handmade jewelry is made carefully by artisans so you can guarantee that your chosen piece has so much character in it.


Leos are generous people. They love to shower their friends and family with affection and love. They’re also great with giving gifts so return the favor by taking the time to find the best gift. Lastly, Leos are excellent at showing their appreciation –expect lots of hugs and thank yous from them upon delivering your gift!


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