6 Activities to Kick off the Fall Season

Notice the chill in the air? The changing colors of the leaves? The market packed with  harvest decor? Yep, fall is definitely in full force.


As much as we love the summer season, it’s time to welcome the cool, crisp weather. There’s plenty of activities to look forward to! If you love fall (like the rest of us!), we made a bucket list of items that will surely delight both you and your family.


Apple Picking

What is fall without an apple-picking activity? Have fun with your family and wear matching flannel shirts. Plan a day out at an orchard, grab some baskets and pick as many apples as you like. You can also participate in random orchard activities like going on hayrides, picking out sweet treats like apple pies and walking through a corn maze. Don’t forget to bring a bug spray as bees can get a little busy this time of year.


Hot Cider

Apple picking wouldn’t be complete without turning those apples into a delicious apple cider. A hot mug of cider is what you need to fill your house with that amazing autumn smell.  Enjoy it around a bonfire in your backyard or while watching your favorite autumn shows.


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Who doesn’t love pumpkin spice latte? When this drink is already available in certain stores and cafes, you know that this marks the beginning of fall. Most coffee shops offer pumpkin spice latte as early as August. But if you don’t want to go for what the masses like, you can always brew your own.  Regardless if you want a dairy-free option or the sweeter version, there are plenty of recipes online to choose from and to experiment with.


Rake Leaves

This might sound like a common thing to do when the leaves start to fall and you’ll probably get sick of this. But isn’t it satisfying to hear the crunching sound of the first rake of the season? The multicolored leaves look even more beautiful when they’re piled together. This activity is a simple reminder that autumn is here to stay for a little bit. If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands and you have kids around, why not do a nice jump in the pile of leaves?


Give a Care Package

Fall season is not just about appreciating the crisp weather and donning your favorite fall outfits. It’s also a season of gratitude. Know someone who could use a little extra care and appreciation? We do! Our first responders. The pandemic has been extremely challenging to our first responders so why not curate a box that’s filled with goodies like self-care products and non-perishable food items. In this way, you let them know how grateful you are, especially in these unprecedented times.


Create Your Own Fall Jewelry

The change in weather, the multicolored leaves and the cool, crisp weather can certainly push you to flex your creative muscles. Let fall bring inspiration to your jewelry-making projects! Go for big and bold designs or simple and dainty ones, and choose fall colors like auburn, plum, orange, and yellow.


Fall comes with a variety of activities so make it a point to squeeze in a bit of time to your schedule to participate in one. Soak in every moment before you get holed up indoors once wintertime comes.


Do you have a favorite fall activity that’s not on our list? Leave a comment below!

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