Top Gift Ideas for your Favorite Sagittarian Friend

Sagittarius people –what’s not to love about them? They’re carefree, optimistic, adventurous, and have a zest for life. Also known as the archer, Sagittarians are easy to get along with, funny, independent, artistic, spontaneous, and charming. They always let their inner child play and have a never-ending enthusiasm for obtaining knowledge.


Since we’re already in Sagittarius season, we’ve curated a list of gifts that every Sagittarian out  there will love. Much like their fellow fire signs Leo and Aries, Sagittarians are driven and action-oriented so it’s important for us to curate a list that mixes fun and practicality



Sagittarians love to explore different places, travel to far-off destinations and plan spontaneous weekend getaways. Hence, a backpack is ideal. Choose one that is roomy with enough space to carry travel essentials. Also, make sure that the backpack has a padded pocket in case your friend wants to bring a lot of gadgets.

Performance Pants

Weekend road trips and international travels wouldn’t be complete without wearing a pair of comfortable performance pants. Get your friend one that has a structured silhouette and slim fit. Try to avoid a pair that looks like your mom’s favorite pjs. You don’t want your pal to look like she just rolled out of bed (yikes!).



This may sound like a Virgo-ish gift, but trust me, Sagittarians also have the need to discover new things through reading. Regardless if you go for a travel book or historical fiction that gives an insight into another world, give your Sagittarian friend an exciting  book that can quench her thirst for adventure through the pages.



Venturing into off the beaten path is a very Sagittarian thing to do. But if she’s occupied at the moment, a quirky bracelet with painted wood beads in a variety of animal prints will let her dream of going to exotic places. Treat your favorite pal with a bracelet that has patterns like burnt wood or african, giraffe, and zebra print.


A high-quality tumbler is a must-have travel essential as it can keep beverages warm or cold for hours. To make your gift more exciting, customize it and include some surprises like a hanky, keychains, tea packets, and assorted chocolates. Who wouldn’t love to receive a tumbler that comes with a variety of little items.


If your Sagittarian pal can’t hop on a plane right now, we hope our list above will inspire her on her next adventure. Remember that the holidays will always be a busy season so make sure you get your dearest friend a gift as early as possible!

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