5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween At Home

Some people consider Halloween as the time to watch Halloween-themed parades and celebrate with friends. But there are others who are just not thrilled with the spooky season.


If you are one of those people who prefer to stay home on Halloween night, you’re not alone. To make All Hallow’s Eve feel festive –even when you’re not too thrilled about it — the ideas below will help and hopefully, get you into the spirit of the spooky season.


Watch Movies

Busy with work and didn’t have time to catch up on some good ‘ole Halloween movies? Halloween night is the perfect time. Classic spooky films like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas will make you relive your childhood and give you that extra nostalgia. These are also great films to consider if you’re not into terrifying films that feature blood and carnage. So, turn off the lights to make the mood even spookier, prepare some popcorn and have fun watching your chosen film.

Halloween Game

If you have toddlers who are still too young to go trick or treating in the neighborhood, why not play a game of Halloween-themed questions. Print as many Halloween characters as you can (vampires, ghosts, bats, Frankenstein, you name it!) and play a guessing game with your little ones. This is both a fun and educational activity as kids will learn new characters along the way.


Wear your Favorite Costume

If playing Halloween-themed games and watching movies is what you plan to do on the 31st, make the activity exciting and dress up with your kids. Wear your spookiest, scariest or even funniest costume. Do some face paint as well to complete your look. You can also wear your costume while you lounge around the house or bake Halloween-themed food (which brings us to our next tip).


Halloween-Themed Food

Halloween isn’t complete without a Halloween-themed food. If you love to get busy in the kitchen, let the kids be involved and prepare as many Halloween-themed food as you can — donuts with a witch hat, cake with a graveyard, cookies with monster faces — the list is endless! Kids will definitely have fun decorating a variety of pastries.


Boozy Drinks

Halloween is the time to experiment with boozy drinks and work on your cocktail-making skills. If you have no kids, call your friends and have a boozy Halloween night in your place (with safety measures still in place, of course!). There are plenty of cocktail recipes online that you can try. Don’t worry about being new to the cocktail game. It’s Halloween after all  — experiment and enjoy!


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