What to Give to Your Charming Libra Friend

If you have a Libra friend, you know that she is one of the best people around.


Librans are smart, sociable, diplomatic, charming, and laid-back. They are the first ones to respond when you’re down in the dumps. And if you can’t count how many times your Libra friend has helped you out in the past, it’s only fair that you’ll give her an extra special gift on her birthday.


For Fall Season


Apple Pie

Since Librans celebrate their birthdays in the fall, why not prepare something autumny? One gift we’d like to suggest is a classic apple pie. Librans have sophisticated taste so instead of purchasing a run-of-the-mill apple pie that you see in stores, bake one and put your own personal twist to it. Add some caramel or any delectable filling that your  friend loves.


Tea Assortment

Cold fall days mean snuggling up on your favorite sofa with a cup of tea — a perfect gift for Librans who need a break from always balancing daily tasks. Choose a tea set that has a variety of offerings — green tea, ginger spice, jasmine, peppermint, cardamom masala, cherry etc. As much as Librans will be delighted by the elegant packaging, they will also appreciate the assorted flavors.


Hair Products

Are you aware that Libra is the ruler of beauty and hair? Since the cold weather can cause extra frizz and dryness of the scalp, why not give your pal the best products to keep her mane healthy like a set of brushes and hair creams. Choose the brand that she’s been using for years or you could let her try new ones.


Scented Candles

Your bff needs time to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That’s why a nice set of scented candles could come in handy. Fall scents are apparently in demand this time of year but don’t limit yourself to them. Add some exciting scents like floral, citrus, lavender, vanilla, and cherry blossoms. Scented candles will help your friend to decompress and to slow down a little.



Quirky and Artistic

As a lover of the arts, jewelry with quirky and artistic feel are great gifts. Think jewelry in fun and quirky shapes that are made from natural materials. Wood beads and shell beads that are sourced from the Philippines would complement the Libra lady that has an artistic flair.


Braided Gold

Librans are fashion forward. They’re updated with the latest trends and are in the know six months before a product is released. If you want to give your friend a nice jewelry, a braided gold jewelry will suit her best. This piece is a showstopper and one that matches a Libra’s good taste in fashion.


Hoop Earrings

As much as Libra women don’t skip the latest trends, they also don’t miss out on owning essential pieces that are worth the investment. Give your favorite friend a classy pair of hoops, one that is sleek and polished. When it comes to the size, choose a medium hoop as it is great for day-to-night looks.


The peace-keeping Libra wants everyone around them to be happy. So on your bff’s birthday, make sure you pamper her by choosing the ideal gift. She will no doubt appreciate a thoughtful gift, especially one that reflects her personality and style.

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