4 Ways to Raise Your Jewelry’s Perceived Value

4 Ways to Raise Your Jewelry’s Perceived Value

Savvy jewelry makers are aware that buyers care more than just the price tag when they’re shopping for jewelry. Every single buyer is, most of the time, evaluating the value of your work.


So how  do you raise your jewelry’s perceived value?


Amp Up Your Presentation

When you run a jewelry shop, do you often look for a way to make your store more inviting? Every jewelry maker knows that the secret to persuade customers to purchase a jewelry piece is through a beautiful presentation. Putting your pieces in a nice velvet pad or golden tray adds allure and excitement, and will appeal to the  buyers. So, make sure you display your creations in such a way that every piece won’t be left unnoticed.


Now when you don’t have a physical store and your products are sold through your website, be sure to have your jewelry photographed by a professional photographer. Yes, it may be a little costly but investing in one would lead to an increase in  product value. Improving the look and feel of your photos creates a great impression and will invite customers to stay on the site. Eventually, they will leave the page with a purchase or two.


Customize, customize, customize

Customization will always place a high value on your jewelry creations. If you have ample time in your workroom, take your work up a notch and customize your creations by including charms, engravings and intricate beadwork or putting personalized stamps. In this way, you have a unique piece of work, stand out from the competition and generate more sales.


Incorporate Gemstones and Diamonds

Incorporating diamonds, gemstones and other quirky pieces to your work make for interesting and unique  jewelry creations. Not only will your piece look striking but it’s value will increase as well. There are many precious stones that are available at reasonable prices like agate, amazonite, jasper, goldstone, and garnet.


Beautiful Packaging

Packaging matters! This couldn’t be stressed enough. As much as the product is appreciated, the packaging is as well! Beautiful packaging creates excitement and the recipient will be enticed to open it. Don’t just settle for ordinary packaging, make sure you put thought into it. Customers always swoon over gorgeous ribbons, floral wrappers and feathers so don’t forget add those fun elements. Beautiful packaging adds a personal touch to your work and makes you stand out from competitors.


We hope you give our ideas a try and see if it’ll work in your own business. Whether you have a website or a physical store,  give your jewelry creations a “presence” in order to raise their perceived value.  A little extra touch can go a long way.


Have we missed something in our list? Do let us in know in the comments!

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