5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Scorpio Woman

Is it Scorpio season yet?


The sign of passion, mystery, intuition, and intensity, Scorpio is that person at a party who sits in a corner but quietly attracts everybody’s attention. If you have a Scorpio friend then you’re in luck –she’s your emergency contact and someone  you can talk to about life for hours.


Now when it comes to buying gifts for your favorite Scorpio buddy, make sure you know what she likes and it’s from the heart. Scorpio women are sentimental and will treasure a well-thought-out gift. They can easily tell if you asked someone to get them a random gift or if you went out of your way to prepare one.


Gift Cards

Always in control, every Scorpio out there knows how to make,  invest and save money. So for your pal’s birthday, why not let her be in control? A gift card would make an ideal gift as she can spend it however and whenever she likes. Get a gift card that will delight your dearest Scorpio friend and include a personalized message. If you’re not satisfied, surprise her with a free birthday dinner as well.

Handmade Gift

As mentioned earlier, Scorps appreciate effort. With this, a handmade item makes a terrific gift. It could be anything she likes — a photo montage of your trips and adventures, a handmade scarf (for the cool weather),  a hair accessory, or something that speaks of her personality.

The Good Old Board Game

It’s no surprise that Scorpios are competitive. Ruled by fiery Mars, Scorpios radiate energy and power. Let your friend show her competitive side, and give her a classic board game. She’ll definitely have fun playing with her friends and family. To make your gift more interesting, why not choose a spooky board game — just in time for the Halloween season.



A lot of people think that Scorpios have a complex personality, but that’s just because they’re private –only a few people know them. Why not give your Scorpio pal a jewelry piece that celebrates her traits that she usually hides from the world.


  • Earrings made from natural wood beads and in tones like dark gray and black show a Scorpio’s mysterious side.


  • Love the 90’s choker style? Create a fabric choker with a skull pendant or one that is tribal-inspired –Scorpios love being gothic.


  • A charm bracelet will complement the sincere and emotional Scorpio. Make one with charms that highlight the memories that you and your Scorpio friend have shared through the years.



Scorpios are some of the most determined and driven people you’ll meet. They work hard on their dreams and will do anything to fulfill their goals. A soft pillow is the perfect gift as this will let your friend know that she always needs a good night’s rest after a long day of smashing her goals.


Surprise your friend with a gift or two from the list above. Again, don’t worry about the price tag — your Scorpio pal will appreciate your effort and a gift that she can cherish (or use) for years.


Is there anything we missed? Drop us a line in the comment section below!

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