5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Jewelry From Summer to Fall

5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Jewelry From Summer to Fall

Summer is slowly drawing to a close. We only have a few days to enjoy the warm weather, bask in the sunshine and wear our summer wardrobe before we put them back in the closet. But don’t put away your jewelry that you’ve been wearing all throughout the summer season as they can still be worn this fall.


Ready to make the transition? Here’s how.



Bangles look and feel like summer jewelry to many people — they’re fun, colorful, big, bold, and stylish. But not many are convinced that they can actually be suited for fall. If you plan to wear a colored bangle when temperatures drop, pair it with silver, copper or brass-colored bracelets. In this way, you’re toning it down a little. Make sure to pull your cuffs up three quarters of the way to the elbows so you can highlight your accessories.


Baroque Pearls

No matter how many times you’ve seen pearls, they will forever remain a perennial favorite. You’ve probably worn them many times on warm summer nights at a friend’s backyard party or on a fun night out. So why not wear them on long walks in your favorite park when the leaves start to turn red? But this time, opt for baroque-style pearls. Choose colors in grey, bronze and olive as they give a more sophisticated, autumn-like look.


Metallic Earrings

Dressing up this fall is easier when you know that metallic earrings can make your wardrobe pop. Metallic earrings always have that wow factor which is why they reappear season after season. For a tried-and-tested look, pair your go-to metallic earrings with clothes in fall shades like plum, burgundy, rust, and navy blue.


Statement Rings

Regardless if you love gemstones that are a bit on the pricier side or the playful and affordable rings like resin, statement rings will definitely find its way in the fall. If resin and gemstones don’t tickle your fancy, then go for rings with quirky centerpieces like your favorite symbols, objects, flowers or animals.


Gold Jewelry

Excited for leather boots and jackets? Fall is definitely the time to take them out! Leather is a must-have this season and what better way to make your leather outfit stand out from the crowd than to pair them with gold jewelry. Layer gold necklaces under your leather jacket for an over-the-top look or wear a stack of minimalist gold earrings for an understated look.



If you have a hard time letting go of summer jewelry, the list above will guide you on how to make the transition from wearing summer staples to fall a lot easier. Now if your go-to summer jewelry is not included in the list, you can start by carefully evaluating those pieces, know which ones work for the cold season, experiment, and have fun.


Ready for the crisp fall air? You bet we are!

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