Tips on How to Choose the Ideal Jewelry Gift for Christmas

Pressured about giving the perfect jewelry this holiday?


Looking for the right jewelry that will delight the giftee can be a little stressful. When you don’t know what your friend wants, you might find it hard  on where to begin so we thought we’d share a few tips.


Pick out the best jewelry gift for your dearest friends this Christmas and take a cue from our guide below.


The Recipient’s Personality

Who are you shopping for? That’s the first thing you should consider. Does the recipient like something glitzy? Or does she have a refined taste? Everyone has a preference and it’s important that you know what the recipient likes. Do your research and know exactly what jewelry style matches the recipient’s personality. With this, she won’t get disappointed with a generic merchandise.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Christmas is the time of the year where people are likely to overspend  (max out your credit card, anyone?). Set your budget first before you start hitting the malls. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself randomly selecting jewelry (and other items) you might not need. Setting the right budget guarantees that you’ll buy everything you need for the occasion and for the people that you’ll be handing presents.


The Right Material

Now that you already have the budget and preference of the giftee, it’s time to pick out the material. But first, start with a specific type of jewelry—earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets. From there, you can consider the materials. If the recipient is into natural beads, there’s plenty of natural materials to choose from —wood, shell, horn, bone, seed & nuts, or coco. If she’s into metals, there’s 14k gold-filled beads, 925 sterling silver beads, Bali and Thai Silver Beads, or brass beads.


Add a Bit of Quirk

Since jewelry is a great gift for your nearest and dearest, go the extra mile and add something unique — like an engraving for example. Never underestimate the power of little details on jewels. There is something sentimental about putting a bit of detail that will remind the giftee of a certain memory.


A Personal Message

What message do you want to convey through your gift? A jewelry can mean a lot of things — a milestone celebrated, an important occasion etc. If you have shared a special occasion with the recipient, then find a jewelry that perfectly describes that event.


It can be quite challenging to look for the ideal gift especially when the recipient already has everything. But worry no more as the list above will guide you on how to choose the right items. We hope that when you’ve already chosen the right jewelry, it’s exactly what the giftee wants and that she’ll treasure it for years to come.



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