Make a Bold Statement with Handmade Natural Jewelry

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” —-Elizabeth Taylor


True indeed!


Jewelry comes in different forms and styles and created from different materials. But if there’s a jewelry material that will make you stand out from the crowd, it’s natural materials.


In ancient times, people made use of natural materials to create utensils, decorative objects, furniture, and jewelry. Nowadays, people tend to favor fine jewelry as it is considered an investment and can be used for a long time. But there’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding than using natural materials like seeds, nuts, coconut shells, and wood to make interesting and bold jewelry creations.


Coconut Shells

Who doesn’t love coconuts? Considered as the “the tree of life,” coconut trees have been utilized in so many different ways — food, oil, furniture, sleeping mats, fruit trays etc. When used in jewelry making, coconut shells incorporate beauty and whimsy to your creations. They also offer a natural and rustic look to your day-to-day outfits.


Wood Beads and Pendants

Definitely a crowd favorite! Wood beads and pendants have been consistently used by jewelry enthusiasts due to their versatility and earthy feel. They are unique and stylish and can be easily combined with other materials. Whether it’ll be dyed or colorful wood beads, you will never run out of ideas.  Take a cue from this design idea.


Horn and Bone Beads

If you’re new to using horn beads, you’d be happy to know that they’re quite easy to carve and drill. They also make solid finished beads. Bone beads, on the other hand, can be dyed and immersed in either tea or coffee to get a darker color. When you want your creations to have an ethnic or tribal feel to them, horn and bone beads are your best options.


Seeds and Nuts

Certain types of seeds and nuts can be saved and used as beads. Once the seeds are fully dried, they can either be drilled or carved and varnished or painted. Seeds and nuts are great materials in creating a variety of jewelry designs as they are lightweight and come in an array of quirky shapes.


The great thing about handmade natural jewelry is there’s definitely no standard “look”. You can create easy necklaces and bracelets or complex designs that involve different techniques and require long hours or even days to complete. So, if you need to incorporate new and unique designs to your jewelry collection, let handmade natural jewelry be the answer. Invite your creative muse to play and work your magic on creating handmade natural jewelry.





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