Seed and Nut Beads: Infusing an Organic and Tropical Feel to Your Jewelry Designs

Over the years, seed and nut beads have graced the beading world with their earthy feel, quirky looks, and organic charm. They are available in various designs, worn on different occasions, and come in a range of shapes, cuts, and colors. It’s no wonder why seed and nut beads continue to be popular materials when creating natural jewelry.


How Seed Beads are Harvested and Produced:


  • For salwag and buri, the ripe seeds are either picked directly from the tree or collected from the ground.


  • The materials will be sun-dried for the skin to shrink. Each piece will undergo beading so the dried skin will be easily removed. The pieces will be will sun-dried again after beading.


  • Once they’re dry, each piece will be drilled and cut according to the desired size.


  • The beads will be strung using a wire grinding machine to achieve the desired shape and get a smooth finish.


  • After which, the beads will be poured back to the beading machine and will be polished using a sander cloth.


  • The beads will come out smooth and are ready for stranding using a nylon. They will be air-dried for a while before distribution.



How to Wear Seed Beads:


  • Seed bead bracelets in bright colors can add a fun and interesting twist to your day-to-day looks.
  • Wearing seed beads for a party? Go for seed bead necklaces that are in beige, black, and brown. The pieces should either have multiple layers in a variety of lengths or one that’s very long.


  • If you want to travel in style, seed beads with various prints like kukui and beetle nut can add a bit of quirk to your look.


With the rise of the “Go Green” movement in the jewelry industry, you are making the right choice when you include seed and nut beads to your designs. They will not only provide a tropical and organic feel to your daily wear, but also help the environment. So, be at the top of your style game and incorporate seed and nut beads to your jewelry looks.




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