8 Quarantine Christmas Ideas for a Memorable Holiday

There’s no place like home for the holidays. This line resonates even more now that we’re in a weird state this year. With the ongoing pandemic, we are forced to celebrate different occasions in our respective homes.


Regardless if you’re celebrating with friends in your apartment or with the people in your household, here are some of the best ways to celebrate the holidays in quarantine. From baking treats to watching Christmas movies, make this yuletide season a memorable one.


Deck the Halls

Decorating makes you feel happier so if you’re still not decking the halls like some of your neighbors, do it now! Make your space as colorful and as glittery as possible. Seeing the festive decors will definitely brighten your mood and will get you into the Christmas spirit! You could purchase some new decors or do some DIY.


Read a Christmas Story

If you have kids, let them choose their favorite Christmas book so you can read stories to them. Go to your favorite corner, gather around, and get comfortable! To make the activity more exciting, ask your kids a few questions like their favorite characters and favorite scenes.


Watch a Christmas Movie

List down your favorite Christmas films and watch them with your kids. Who knows, some of those films might become household favorites and will be rewatched for years to come. Don’t forget to prepare some treats and drinks to make the activity more enjoyable.


Christmas Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a wonderful Christmas breakfast? Christmas day is a time to open presents so you want to make sure you have a hearty breakfast afterward. Prep a good meal the night before so can easily pop it in the oven by Christmas morning.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Prepare some frostings, cookie cutters, and decorations and have fun baking Christmas cookies! This is a fantastic activity for kids as it makes them creative in the kitchen. It’s also a great way to make your space livelier and more homey.


A Festive Dinner

Don’t fret if you can’t have some guests over. This simply means that you can cook that dish you’ve always wanted to try, but are a bit hesitant because some of your guests might find it too exotic or unconventional. Yes, you can still have a traditional Christmas meal but it wouldn’t hurt if you incorporate some new dishes, right?


Sledding Time

Having a white Christmas in your area? Lucky you! Include sledding in your schedule and have fun in the snow! The whole neighborhood looks magical when it’s blanketed in snow so use this opportunity to break out your sledding equipment. Make sure you and your fam are in warm clothing, find a nice spot, and have fun sledding!


Virtual Party

It’s unfortunate that we all can’t get together in person but there’s the internet so make use of it. Host an online party for your friends and family on Christmas day. Get ready with games and conversation starters to make the experience more enjoyable.


Who says you need to go somewhere far to have a blast this Christmas? The tips above will certainly warm up your homes (and your hearts!) as you bond with your loved-ones. Yes, the atmosphere is different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the holiday festivities a good one. Merry Christmas!

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