Which Jewelry Metal Suit Your Taste?

We all know that gold and silver reign supreme among jewelry metals. But stainless steel and platinum are slowly gaining popularity these days. Want to know why?


In this article, we’ll highlight different kinds of jewelry metals and what clothing styles and colors you can pair them with. Learn more about each metal and perhaps you can find one that suits your taste.



Deemed as the king of kings among jewelry metals, gold will always have a place in every woman’s jewelry collection. It has earned the top spot due to its many qualities. The best thing about gold is it comes in an array of shades –rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. With proper care, gold jewelry will last a long time.


  • Rose Gold. If you’re into feminine looks, rose gold is for you. This tone is best combined with outfits in pastels, grays, whites, and creams. This beautiful tone can be paired with other metals like white gold, sterling silver, yellow gold, or platinum.


  • Yellow Gold. Classy and striking, yellow gold is perhaps everyone’s favorite gold tone. Women love to pair this tone with classic outfits —little black dress, white-button down shirt, cable knit sweater, black blazer, and white tees. If you have a hard time looking for the best metal to pair with your outfits, you can always pick out yellow gold.


  • White Gold. For day-to-day looks, white gold is the best choice. It is simple and understated, and works with colorful clothing. This tone is great for women who love easy-to-style outfits that don’t require too many accessories.



Here comes the prince among jewelry metals–silver. Like gold, silver also needs proper care to maintain its shine. This metal is a favorite among jewelers who work with semi-precious stones. As for clothing styles, silver is worn by people who love a bit of a polished look without attracting too much attention.



Considered as the most durable among jewelry metals, platinum ranks high on every jewelry enthusiast’s list as platinum jewelry are considered investment pieces. It is hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant and doesn’t oxidize. It is also favored among people who are into sports or those who simply have an active lifestyle. Whether you go for casual or formal clothes, platinum can add a subtle shine and won’t overpower your wardrobe. Also, if you’re a minimalist and love an androgynous look, platinum is the best pick.


Stainless Steel

Men love jewelry too and there’s no other type of metal that suits men’s style more than stainless steel. It is highly durable and scratch-proof, and that’s why men prefer this type of metal more than women. It’s great for daily wear and will make the wearer look cool and edgy.



If you want a rustic vintage look, then brass is for you. Closely resembling gold, brass has an attractive golden tone and is low-cost which is why artisans and jewelry lovers love to work with this material. It is also ductile, making it easier to create just about any design. Brass is hard but not stiff, and it won’t crack under pressure. With adequate maintenance and proper cleaning, it will last for a long time.


Have you tried wearing (or even working) with the metals above? Is there a type of metal in the list that’s missing in your collection? Regardless of what type of metal you own, know that jewelry metals are both emotional and financial investments. Give your jewelry proper care and they will last for generations to come.



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