5 Summer Color Trends to Incorporate into Your Jewelry Creations

Summer is here!

There is something magical about this season. The warm weather brings the energy and life out of us. The breeze and the sun-filled days make us look forward to lots of outdoor activities.


Aside from planning to head to the beach, dipping your toes in the sand and collecting shells, or preparing for barbecue parties in the backyard, have you already revamped your jewelry collection? The season  calls for a palette that evokes optimism and hope, focusing on our need to enjoy and bring back colors into our lives.


With this, we give you summer color trends that will certainly add a splash of vibrancy to your summer days.


Sky Blue

This is a fantastic tone to work with as it is reminiscent of clear, cloudless skies. The soft and soothing blue hues have a serene feel to them. Wearing jewelry in sky blue tones gives you that calming vibe while still looking cool and put-together.


Marigold Yellow

As opposed to bright canary yellows, marigold yellow jewelry is lighter and is great when worn with summery dresses and long skirts. Donning this color can definitely boost your mood as it inspires you to bring back your zest for life.


Powdery Pinks

A powdery pink tone will bring out a feminine touch to your jewelry creation. If you love wearing summer knits, playful skirts and elegant dresses, jewelry in powdery pink hues will surely complement your outfits and will give you that charming and romantic look.


Mint Green

This is a versatile color that can be worn from spring all the way to summer. Mint green is cheerful and fresh and evokes freshly cut grass, warmer weather, and a garden blossoming in all its glory. So why not channel this fresh feeling into your jewelry creations and string a piece or two with minty accents.



Orange is always an uplifting color and one that makes a bold statement. It’s a great color to incorporate into your creations as it mimics the tinges of the summer sunset and reminds you of the refreshing taste of citrus fruits. If you’re ready to grab everybody’s attention, orange is the best choice.


The pandemic may have left us feeling somber for a while, but this summer is all about a splash of colors that will give us a renewed sense of hope and optimism. While we all spent the summer of 2020 at home in comfortable clothes –t-shirts, joggers, leggings — 2021 is the year to break out your most stylish outfits. Added to that is wearing accessories in a variety of colors that’s indicated on our list. We’re already done with feeling drab so starting this summer, let’s go back to feeling fab!


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