5 Summer Jewelry Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

Excited for long summer days?


You might not think of switching your everyday jewelry for summer-inspired trinkets but believe me: a pair of colorful earrings can definitely take you from drab to summer fab.


Recently, things are slowly opening up and we’re allowed to visit certain places (with protocols in place, of course!) so why not wear a trinket or two. Take inspiration from our list so you can be chic and summer ready wherever you go.


Nature-Inspired Motifs

Show appreciation to nature and bring out your trinkets in flora and fauna designs. Nature has given us so much love, especially at a challenging time like this —we go to the mountains or any woodland area to breathe and decompress. Pieces like decoupage wood pendants, floral pendants and banana bark are some nature-inspired motifs that are definitely on trend.



Add a golden touch to the bright sunny days of summer. Gold sparks a feeling of joy so whether you go for a bold pair of gold hoops, chain necklaces or sculptural rings, gold is the best tone. It also gives us that feeling of hope — slowly coming out of the dark days of the pandemic. Gold may look a bit flashy to some but truth be told, it never fails to complement your outfit from day to night.


Colorful Jewelry

What would summer be without a splash of lively colors? Be it any color from the rainbow, make sure to go big and bold! Right now, what we need is a dash of color to brighten our current situation. Yes, we’re still in uncertain times but we need “happy jewelry” to keep us sane. There’s absolutely no rule on how to wear colorful jewelry pieces. Mix or match them or wear them in pairs, you decide!



You can’t say summer without pearls. Pearls are classic staples, and have evolved and redesigned in modern ways. Deemed as oceanic jewels, pearls have long been hailed as the queen of jewels so don’t be afraid to find new ways to make them look more vibrant — either string them with a variety of charms or mix them with colorful jewels.


Layering Jewelry

The pandemic has prompted us to stay indoors 90 percent of the time, and made us wear comfortable clothes. Now that we’re allowed to go out, most people have embraced the maximalist trend with jewelry following suit. Be experimental with your jewels and layer with different materials — body chains, multiple rings, stacking different bracelets, an ear full of earrings etc. The theme for this year’s summer is more is more and there are definitely no rules when it comes to draping yourself with lots of jewelry.


If you’re thrilled to try all of the pieces in our list, go ahead!  Regardless if you go for a stroll at the park, have an ice cream at the nearest dessert station, run errands, frolick at the beach or head to the mountains, let the items above make you look put-together and put you in a summer state of mind.

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