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  • Beading Books

    5 Gift Ideas For The Beaders In Your Life

    Already have the best gifts for the bead lovers in your life?   You thought you had plenty of time and then all of a sudden, it’s already days away from your holiday celebration and you are short on gifts. Not to worry! For this season of giving cheer, we’ve put together a list of […]
  • doodle

    Getting Inspiration for Your Jewelry Designs

    As a jewelry designer, are you passionate about working on different design ideas? Do you enjoy bringing your ideas to life?   With a range of materials and fabrics to work on, the possibilities of creating a piece of jewelry are endless.  As the many choices can seem overwhelming, it can be challenging to know […]
  • 6 Jewelry Pieces That Will Elevate Your Winter Looks

    The cold season is officially upon us! I bet you are ready with your turtlenecks and thick winter coats and have cleaned your favorite boots. You might even have prepared your scarves or maybe knitted new ones. You are absolutely winter ready!  But what about your jewelry?   As temperatures continue to drop, your jewelry […]
  • Rattail Cord

    Stringing Materials for Your Jewelry Projects Part II

    As you learn how to get creative with your jewelry projects, you’ll be mastering fundamental jewelry techniques along the way.  But instead of just learning the skills with the usual how-tos, you’ll also get more familiar with different stringing materials.   There are many types of materials that are available in a wide range of […]
  • 3 Simple Ways to Style a Choker Necklace

    3 Simple Ways to Style a Choker Necklace

    There are plenty of jewelry trends that have been making a huge comeback and one of them is the choker necklace. It was one of the hottest jewelry items in 2016 and its popularity still continues this year.   Though most people think that the choker necklace is a 90s trend, it no longer is […]
  • Paper Beads Making: Creative Waste Recycling

    Printed a document for your report? Just bought a magazine? Did an entry in your diary? Got your welcome guest packet at a hotel? Everyday, we’re handed stacks of paper at school, or at the office, or even our home bills! But, what do we do with all these afterward? Dump. Throw. Shoot. Right into […]
  • Stringing Materials for Your Jewelry Projects

    Stringing Materials for Your Jewelry Projects Part I

    As a beader, how many different types of stringing materials have you used?   If you already have plenty of jewelry projects in mind, knowing what type of stringing materials could get a little confusing as there are plenty to choose from. In this article, we’ll give you the most common stringing materials and where […]
  • Handmade Jewelry Projects to Ignite Your Creativity

    4 Handmade Jewelry Projects to Ignite Your Creativity

    The year is full of holidays, special occasions and exciting events. There’s absolutely no stopping them. Even if we are almost nearing the end of another great year, there are still plenty of activities to look forward to.   So, have you thought about preparing gifts for the coming months? Why not consider giving a […]
  • Metal Allergies: A Guide to Different Types of Metals

    Do you have any allergic reaction to your jewelry?   There are people who are allergic to copper and some to nickel. A few others can be allergic to non-pure metal. With metal allergies, it can often manifest as itchy skin, blisters or rashes. As for less pure metals, you would find a dark gray […]
  • Jewelry Making Hacks To Simplify Jewelry-Making Part II

    As a beading enthusiast, you’re always looking for the best ways to take your jewelry projects to the next level. From personal heirlooms to whimsical and quirky statement pieces, there’s always the next jewelry project to look forward to.   For every beader who is attached to her trinkets, it’s essential to know the most […]