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  • How to Rock a Statement Necklace

    When we think of statement jewelry, what comes to mind are costume jewelry, chunky, oversized, or maximalist pieces. This idea has been misinterpreted for quite some time.   A statement necklace is in fact a piece that when worn is deemed as the main component of your outfit. You need not layer this necklace with […]
  • Citrine

    November Birthstones: The Dazzling Topaz and Citrine

    Born on the month of November?   You’re in for a treat as you can take a pick between two bright gemstones to lighten up the cool season. Topaz and citrine are both popular for bringing warmth and fortune to the wearer.   These two birthstones also look quite similar that at times, they can […]
  • Nature inspired jewelry

    Top 6 Jewelry Must-Haves This Fall

    Fall is definitely around the corner and with the new season, a lot of us like to update a few pieces in our wardrobe –from dresses to tops to footwear and yes, our jewelry collection. Summer got us all loving the colorful trinkets but this fall, what jewelry craze are we going to be obsess […]
  • Tourmaline

    Opal and Tourmaline: A Tale of Two Gemstones

    October babies are probably the luckiest as they have two birthstones to choose from — tourmaline and opal. Each gem is unique in its own way and comes in a variety of shades and color combination.   But what’s great about these two stones is the fact that they both went through a journey that […]
  • Hoops

    How to Style Your Hoops Part 2

    What makes hoop earrings so attractive?   Well for one, you can pair them with almost anything in your wardrobe — from turtlenecks to white shirts paired with denim jeans and to midi and maxi dresses. You can even wear them to the beach with your favorite swimsuit.   Show your creativity and passion for […]
  • Big Hoop Earrings