The Magic of Creating Paper Beads

Paper beads have been rising in popularity among beaders over the years. Many love the idea that any scrap of paper found lying around the house can be turned into a fantastic jewelry.


Now that most of us are confined at home, it’s the perfect time to fine-tune your paper bead making skills and teach your little ones this exciting craft.

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Why create paper beads?

  • It’s an effective way to fix waste management issues at home.
  • You can bond with friends and family (young and old alike) while creating jewelry designs.
  • It’s extremely affordable.
  • It’s a mindful meditation that lets you stay focused and be


More Reasons to Create Paper Beads

Home Decors

Done reading your magazine? Don’t toss it. Turn those colorful pages into baskets, bowls, photo frames, and more! Glossy magazine papers can be turned into something pretty and creative. Roll those strips of paper, turn them into any paper bead shape, and piece them all together to create a wonderful decor.


Fashion Statement

We’ve seen a rise of Bohemian style in the last few years. If you’re one of those people who love the boho style, you can definitely incorporate paper bead jewelry to your outfits. Simply make layered paper bead necklaces and bracelets and incorporate them to your day-to-day looks. You can also create drop earrings for a boho chic feel to your winter wardrobe.


Christmas Ornament

The year has been strange and with lockdowns and social distancing protocols being put in place, it’s unlikely that many of you will shop for new Christmas decors. Fret not as this is the moment to put your creativity to good use. Christmas ornaments made from paper beads will definitely be the talk of the holiday party circuit (yes, you can still have holiday parties as long as you limit the number of attendees and follow certain protocols). Surprise everyone with your creations and add a bit of quirk to your usual Christmas aesthetic with stunning yet recycled ornaments.


Christmas Gift

Speaking of the yuletide season which is just a few weeks away, why not create your own gift rather than purchasing one online? It could be anything —bracelets, necklaces, or random decors that are mentioned above. Add excitement to your creation by choosing papers with festive prints or leftover gift wrapping papers from previous years.


Prepare to roll your sleeves, gather some supplies, and do some interesting yet therapeutic DIY. You’ll never have to worry about throwing your piles of old magazines, newspapers, leaflets, and brochures to the bin. Have fun and experiment with different paper bead designs while you spend quality time with your family at home.

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