7 Tips to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner Safely

The ongoing crisis has prevented us to resume to our usual activities. And with Thanksgiving in a week, there’s a big chance that we may not celebrate this holiday in a traditional way this year.


But if you’re keen on hosting a thanksgiving dinner, here are some ways to celebrate safely.


Scale Back the Guest List

If you’re the type to always have friends and family over, then this is the time to scale back your guest list. Things have changed and this year you might have to enjoy the occasion with a few people. But if you can, celebrate with the members of your household only.


Social Distancing

Save that hug and handshake for next year — they’re still a no-no. Practice social distancing and make sure seats are at least 6 feet apart. Set separate tables where family members of the same household can dine together. It’s important that everyone is not seated around one big table.


Prepare the Essentials

Hang a signage at the door which contains a few house rules. Place a basket near the entryway with all the essentials — hand sanitizers and extra masks. Remind your guests ahead of time to wash their hands before they come in. Let them enter your home one at a time.


Do it Al Fresco

Dine outside if you live in a warmer climate whether in your backyard or at a park. But if it’s a bit cold in your area and you’re having dinner outdoors, light the fire pit, encourage guests to bring their own blankets, and serve hot beverages so everyone can stay warm and cozy. Remind everybody to practice physical distancing and to always keep their masks on.


Disposables Only

Now is not the time to take out the fine china — go with disposables instead. Have a designated food station so each person can take turns in getting food. You can also prepare your Thanksgiving dishes in advance in separate disposable containers so you can distribute them. Then, let the guests throw their used disposables in the bin. Don’t forget to use gloves if you’re disposing any items left on the table.


Clean Before and After

Doorknobs, bathrooms, toilet lids, handles, faucets and countertops should be given extra care and attention. Clean those areas before the guests arrive and after they have left. If you notice someone going in and out of the bathroom so often, it’s best to clean it periodically instead of waiting for the celebration to end.


Virtual Dinner if One is Unwell

If one of your guests isn’t feeling well, he should stay home. Even if everything is already prepared, it’s better to celebrate with the whole family WITHOUT the guests. Then, you can move the dinner virtually.


Have an open and honest communication with everyone in your family. Not all  will agree with your approach on how to celebrate Thanksgiving but at the end of the day, safety is what matters most. Let the pointers above guide you on how to prepare and celebrate the holiday safely.

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