Paper Beads: History and Fast Facts

Paper Beads Making: Creative Waste Recycling

Printed a document for your report? Just bought a magazine? Did an entry in your diary? Got your welcome guest packet at a hotel? Everyday, we’re handed stacks of paper at school, or at the office, or even our home bills! But, what do we do with all these afterward?

Dump. Throw. Shoot. Right into the trash bin.

Whatever happened to our civil responsibilities ‘class’? Made mental notes. Nodded to the heated debates and discussions. Then… forgotten. Paper wastes continue to pile up everyday. The number of trees being cut down continue to grow at an alarming rate. So, let’s be mindful of the benefits that a “recycled” sheet of paper can give.

Waste recycling is one of our civil responsibilities we’ve so often taken for granted. It’s high timeThree esay steps to make paper beadswe get our acts together and start caring a bit more about our environment. Here is a fun and creative way to get us started with recycling waste papers: paper beads making.

All you need are recyclable materials like old magazines, or colorful paper packaging, a thin stick, scissors, super glue —and you’re all set! Make your own paper beads in three easy steps:

  1. Measure and cut your paper pages into triangular strips. The widest end of a strip determines the final length (size) of the paper bead, while its length defines the paper bead’s thickness.
  2. From the widest end of a strip, start winding the strip tightly around a thin stick until it’s all rolled-up to the tip.Guide the “rolling” to the center of the bead with your thumb.
  3. Glue the end-tip and hold it down for a few seconds or until it’s fixed securely.Remember, it’s important to ensure the wounded strip will hold, else, the bead will break loose.

You can brush the paper beads with varnish or dip them into colorless acrylic for a glossy finish. Leave to dry in open air. Pull out the sticks from each bead to string them together. Recycled paper beads stand out among the fancy beads so common at your local bead stores simply because they’re artsy, easy-to-love, and cost less.

So, put on your “artistic” thinking caps now and start rollin’ and shapin’ some paper scraps for fun and responsible waste recycling! Got tons of paper? You know what to do now…

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