5 Jewelry Trends That Have Dominated 2020

Jewelry has long been considered the finishing touch to an outfit or look. A put-together outfit isn’t complete without the appropriate accessories. But even if one isn’t trying to show a particular style, jewelry can still be a means of expression.


The world is apparently going through a crisis, but that hasn’t stopped beaders and jewelry enthusiasts to hone their creativity and produce interesting designs. Here are 5 trends that have dominated the jewelry scene this 2020.


Beach-Inspired Jewelry

Summer is all about shell jewelry. But that trend didn’t stay in the summer as it has confidently transitioned into fall. From cowries and pearls to starfish, trendsetters have embraced the beach theme even in lockdown as it gives them that seaside feeling. Let’s all admit it — who doesn’t like the feeling of being on vacation while stuck at home?


Personalized Jewelry

Everyone loves the fact that they can have their own name or initials on their phone cases, perfume bottles, and even jewelry. So it’s no surprise that personalized jewelry has surged this year. There’s something special and meaningful when you put your name on your most valuable pieces.



Big hoops may be everyone’s favorite, but huggies took 2020 by storm. Huggies or tight hooped earrings are simple and understated which is why a lot of women are currently hoarding them. Designs in studded beads, hanging pearls, and encrusted diamonds will continue to stay on trend simply because they have a subtle way of shining on their own. They complement your day-to-day looks without appearing too flashy.


Colorful Stones

Jewelry enthusiasts have managed to make the most of remote work by donning colorful gems. Some are going for mismatched gemstone earrings while others opt for clashing hues. Earring combinations are fantastic especially when you wear a nice pair during Zoom meetings. Your face will definitely make an impression on the screen.


Floral Jewelry

Isn’t it amazing how flowers can make everything better? They add color and life to your little space and they just brighten your day. When it comes to jewelry, a floral-inspired piece would instantly make an outfit pop. And it’s great to know that floral jewelry didn’t just bloom in spring as it kept coming back season after season in various iterations.


The jewelry trends this year serve as reminders that there’s still color around us despite the fact that our current situation is dull and bleak. Be inspired by the list above and wear one that would make you feel good (even if you’re staying at home). A nice piece will not only perk up your outfit, but lift your mood as well!

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