4 Flower-Inspired Jewelry Ideas for Spring

4 Flower-Inspired Jewelry Ideas for Spring

Spring is here at last!


The rays of warm sunshine, pretty colors all around, and the vibrancy everywhere are enough to get your creativity flowing when creating new jewelry.


In this post, we’ve put together some of our design ideas to help you be inspired when creating your own spring jewelry in the comfort of your homes.


The Versatile Rose

One of the most desirable garden plants, roses never fail to make an impression on people. They are long-lasting and fragrant and are the go-to flowers for special occasions, and even on ordinary days when you want to put a smile on someone’s face. Roses come in a variety of colors but the most popular ones are pink and red. If you don’t grow your own roses at home, take inspiration from our design idea so you can wear a bit of these pretty pink and red flowers wherever you go.


n-0200Cheerful and Charming Gerbera 

Admired for their charm and beauty, gerberas are favorites by many since they are perennial plants. Though you can enjoy watching them bloom all year, it’s best to start seeing them grow in early spring along with other flowers. They come in a range of colors like red, yellow, pink, white, purple, and orange. Let our colorful design idea encourage you to create your own gerberas.






Woodsy and Captivating Red-Flowering Currant

A popular garden shrub known for its brightly colored and scented flowers, the red-flowering currant grows abundantly in bunches and creates a beautiful wall of flowers. But it can also stand isolated in a pot or garden boxes. If you want to have your own red currant, you count on our design idea to adorn your neck with rich, rosy red colors.

n-0038Small but Mighty Crocus

Considered as the early bloomers, one can see crocus flowers sprout up through snow before other flowers grow. They grow in lawns, woodlands, and coastal gardens. They come in a number of colors like yellow, lavender, cream, white, purple, and blue. If you want a pop of color even before spring officially arrives, our design idea will help you create your very own crocus.



When flowers bloom and fresh buds awaken, it’s not a surprise that springtime projects call for floral jewelry. So, heed the call of spring and take inspiration from the design ideas above. Bring out your inner flower child and start creating floral accessories with your loved ones at home. Despite the current situation, spring helps us to remember that there’s still color and beauty all around us.

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