How Beading Can Benefit Kids and Adults

How Beading Can Benefit Kids and Adults

A popular activity for people of all ages, beading has provided an opportunity for many to be creative, to pass the time, and most importantly, to socialize and bond.


While most people think that adults can benefit from beading, kids can too. And since we are in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, here’s why you and your kids should incorporate beading in your daily activities.


For Adults

Relieving Stress

Beading can help alleviate stress. It can lower blood pressure, increase energy levels, and keep motor, cognitive, and visual perceptive skills sharp. If you already have underlying conditions or are going on remission, beading can be a great distraction. It is an enjoyable activity that can help you focus and lessen your worries.



Beading can be a gab-fest for adults. They can have fun over some refreshments while creating their own designs. Beading can also aid in relieving feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially if you live alone. Additionally, it can be a great excuse to head out the door and make new friends (not this time thought, given the current situation).


Customized Items

By mixing and matching different colors, you can create striking pieces to your heart’s delight. Start by making designs that will match your outfits for different occasions. Then work on a few ones that are in neutral colors for everyday wear. You can also make jewelry to give as gifts for friends and family.


For Kids

Planning Skills

Kids will learn how to choose the pattern for their designs and the order the beads must be threaded to achieve the look of the design. Doing so will help them learn how to plan and be organized in school and in their daily life.


Improve Focus

As threading beads involve choosing, sorting, arranging, and the like, doing these things repeatedly will help kids be more focused. The activity can also help them be more dedicated in school and pay attention to the important things like projects, deadlines, and group activities.


Counting Skills

With beading, kids can get better at counting. They can be prepared for math especially when they’re counting large numbers. They will also be familiar with lengths and learn the basic concepts of measurement.


Bilateral Coordination

Kids learn how to use both hands simultaneously when doing a variety of tasks. The same can be applied to beading as both hands are needed when stringing beads and creating different designs.



Beading can help kids forge new friendships and build a culture of teamwork. They can share great ideas and help each other out when creating and finishing new designs.


Beading is a great hobby that can let everybody bond and de-stress. Kids can acquire new skills and enjoy the activity while adults can feel a sense of accomplishment while working on their designs. Here’s hoping beading can help you and your kids bond and be creative, especially now that we are in the midst of an ongoing crisis.

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