5 Ways to Get Money Out of Beading

Have you thought about turning your hobby into a money-making venture?


If you’ve been beading for years now, it’s high time you get money out of it. Make the most of your passion and bring in extra income with your jewelry business.


Here are some of the best ways to make money out of beading.


Art Shows, Craft Fairs

Ready to show your work to a large audience? Why not participate in a craft fair so you can sell your work and meet other beaders along the way. Remember that you will be investing time and money so be sure to do your research first to know the booth fees. Also, don’t forget to look for someone to assist and help you prepare for the event, set up the booth, and sell your merchandise.


Beading Group Events

If art shows and craft fairs are too big and costly for you, you can head to your local bead society bazaar. There are a few sellers as you’ll only be seeing people selling jewelry and the entry frees are typically lower. You also don’t need to have a large inventory to share a booth.


Parties for Beaders

If you’re more into a private gathering, ask someone to host an artist’s night so you can have the opportunity to display your merchandise. This is a great way to interact with guests as the scenario is more intimate and the pace is more relaxed than big shows. You can also have the time to talk one on one with customers and educate them about beading. Don’t forget to prepare your very own business cards so you can hand them out at the event.



Strengthen professional ties by sharing your knowledge with others. Teach a beginner’s class at your local bead store. Start with the basics and help the students on how to create a simple beaded jewelry. If you want to share techniques that you’ve learned from bead artists, be sure to ask permission from them so they’ll know that you’ll be sharing their know-how to newbies.


Magazine Contributor

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of publications about beadwork. So why not write for the magazine you love? Be sure to first study the writing style and tone and know the guidelines on how and when to submit article proposals. Being a contributor not only helps you polish your writing skills but also, you learn a lot about your audience and you can share tips that will help them be better at beading.


Elevate your beading skills and take your hobby to the next level. Choose from any of the list above and continue honing your abilities. Don’t forget to enjoy every bit of it. There’s still a lot to learn so be open and who knows, unexpected opportunities will soon abound!

5 Tips On How To Make Money With Your Beadwork and Jewelry

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