Different Types of Bracelets Part I

Different Types of Bracelets Part I

From work to after-work drinks to weekend getaways, bracelets can definitely dress up your wardrobe. They come in a range of designs, styles, and colors, and each one has a specific purpose. It’s great to have a variety of bracelets in your jewelry box, especially on days when you want to highlight your wrist.


Now since there are different types of bracelets out there, it’s high time you know about what they are and what purpose they serve.


Charm Bracelet

In the early 20th century, WWII soldiers bring home little jewelry pieces from places where they were stationed. The pieces were great mementos that could be clasped to a chain. Over the years, charm bracelets have become increasingly popular and many jewelry lovers have fawned over them as they are stylish yet versatile. When creating your own charm bracelet, you can add more charms as you wish so you can incorporate different styles, colors, and texture.


Cuff Bracelet

More often than not, cuffs can be mistaken as bangles. What sets a cuff apart from the bangle is that it has an opening which makes it a bit easier to wear. Cuffs don’t have clasps or any type of closure so you can easily put them on, especially on a day when you need to leave the house fast. Cuff bracelets come in a variety of sizes and styles and in materials like gold or silver. Nowadays, jewelry enthusiasts make use of leather for a biker image look.

cuff bracelet
Beaded Bracelet

 Versatile with a bohemian flair, you can have creative freedom when making your own beaded bracelet. Add a variety of pieces in materials like gemstones, wood beads, and seed and nut beads.

Beaded bracelets are a hit among jewelry lovers as they are simple and can be customized according to the wearer’s personal style. The best thing about this piece is you can wear them with other types of bracelets.

Beaded Bracelet

Bangles are usually sturdy bracelets with no clasp or opening. You just slide the bracelet over your hand to your wrist. Since bangles are a bit loose, they have a tendency to move around. When wearing thin bangles, combine them with a few more stylish pieces. If you want to go bold, you can always wear a gold bangle — just enough enough to make a statement!


Gemstone Bracelets

Not hesitant to spend a fortune on jewelry? Then gemstones are for you. Gemstone bracelets have either diamonds, emeralds, and other gemstones strung with each other. You will surely impress anyone you meet when you wear one!


Ready to up your bracelet game?


With a variety to choose from, you can always switch up your bracelets anytime and pick one that complements your wardrobe. Elevate your bracelet game and don’t forget to include a stack of bracelets in your next shopping spree!

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