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B-0228 Organic buri seed bracelet

B-0228 A Collection of all organic buri seeds in various colors and shapes.

List of Materials – B-0228

1pc. PLM2008A round amber buri seed beads
2pcs. PLM2300A tube amber buri seed beads
2pcs. PLM2600GR green oval buri seed beads
2pcs.  PLM1910 cube brown and white buri seed beads

3pcs. PLM2300BY tube burgundy buri seed beads
2pcs.WD1310TQM round metallic turquoise wood beads
1pc. WD1310GM round green metallic wood beads
2pcs. PLM2008DG round dark gray buri seed beads
3pcs. PLM2500BR cross brown buri seed beads
4pcs. PLM2108GR cone green buri seed beads
2pcs. PLM2500R cross red buri seed beads
1pc.PLM2000PR  round polished red buri seed beads
2pcs.FMEC03G-2 connector 2 ring ends
4pcs. FMRJ8G-144 8mm gold jump ring
1pc. FMCLLSMG-144 gold small lobster clasp
1pc. FMGPPH028x2-72 2″ gold plated head pin
20pcs. SH030-5 4-5mm brownlip heishi shell beads
23pcs. SH052-5B  4-5mm blue hammershell heishi beads
40in.  BCCC22R 22 guage red colourcraft wire
40in. BCCC24M  24 gauge magenta colourcraft wire
40in.  BCCC20S-B 20 guage silver light blue colourcraft wire
30in. BC19-024BT-100 .024 gauge 19 strand beadalon wire
6pcs. FMCRTU2G-15 2 gold crimp tube