Different Types of Bracelets Part II

Different Types of Bracelets Part II

Girls spend a huge amount of time shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. When it comes to accessories, they splurge on just about anything — rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets!


How about you? Which are you most particular with? If it’s the bracelet, do you like variety or you just buy whatever is classic or versatile?


Whether you want to keep it simple with a silver chain or go bold with bejeweled cuffs, knowing that the style of the bracelet suits your wardrobe for the day is essential.


To know more about the different types of bracelets in the market, read on to find out.


Tennis Bracelets

Want to invest in a piece of jewelry that may be a great family heirloom someday? Tennis bracelet is the right choice. Timeless, sophisticated, and classy, this is the type of bracelet that can add a clean and polished look to any wardrobe. One fun fact about tennis bracelets is that they’re actually diamond bracelets– the entire loop is set with connected diamonds. Nowadays, there are different variations — thick, thin, gold rose, or platinum.


Pearl Bracelets

If you have a taste for antique and traditional jewelry, pearl bracelets are for you. You can ever go wrong with a classic elegant look. What most women love about pearls is they can be worn alone or with a pair of pearl earrings and necklaces.



Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are unsurprisingly favorites among men. They mostly wear this piece with a casual wardrobe. For girls, chain bracelets  can be worn singly or with charms. There are plenty of styles to choose from — big and bold or small ones that are barely noticeable.


Slider bracelets

This bracelet has a closure that can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s wrist properly and comfortably. The sizes and designs come in an unlimited range. You can either stack slider bracelets alongside each other or combine them with other gemstones, links, multilayered cords, and a lot more.



Now that you know the different types of bracelets, why not collect each of them? It will be great to have a variety in your collection so you can always

try a range of styles for different occasions!


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