Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Cancerian Friend

Cancer season is definitely upon us!



Cancers rule the emotions. They are sensitive and empathetic, and are highly in tune with their intuition. When it comes to clothing styles, they prefer soft fabrics and dresses that are flowy and lightweight. As for colors, they favor light and playful tones particularly pastels.


Curious to know what kind of jewelry Cancers gravitate to? If you’re still searching or planning to a create a striking piece of jewelry for your Cancerian friend, take a cue from our list.


Charm Bracelet

This might be a little high school-ish for some, but charm bracelets are wonderful for Cancerians. Why so? It’s because Cancers look for jewelry that is meaningful.  Whether it’ll be pieces in feather shapes, leaves or keys, each piece in a charm bracelet has meaning or evokes certain memories of the past. If you have a Cancerian friend, surprise her with a collection of pieces from destinations you’ve both been to. You can also add symbols that reflect your friendship.



Gemstones may look shimmery and fancy, but they speak of commitment as these stones were created for centuries. And that’s why these are ideal gifts for Cancers. Pick up a few pieces like green jade and amber or you could go for feminine hues like quartz and rhodochrosite. You can either create your very own bracelets using these pieces or make a thin velvet choker with a gemstone as your pendant.


Shell Beads

Since Cancers are represented by the crab, it’s natural for them to to spend a lot of time in bodies of water like the beach or lake as a way to have fun or decompress. So it’s no surprise that shell beads are included in our list. Shell beads are lightweight and have pearlescent qualities. They add a touch of the tropics to your jewelry collection and always give that feeling like you’re on a holiday. They’re not only summer staples as they can definitely be worn throughout the year.


Naturally shy and soft-spoken, Cancers don’t like to attract attention. They prefer a small crowd to engage with. They’re the epitome of class and elegance. Hence, a string of pearls is an ideal gift as it is classic and stylish, can be worn with different outfits, and are treasured for years. Pearls can also be considered family heirlooms as they can be passed down from one generation to the next.


We hope this gift guide will remind you to cherish every Cancerian friend in your life. Let them know that you remember the little things they do for you and that they are appreciated in return.


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