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N-0180 Organic bugbog seed beads, panyas seeds and cedrella pods


List of Materials:

18pcs. CN016 bugbog seed beads
9pcs. CN006GY panyas seed beads gray
18pcs. CNCS1033N cedrella pod
27pcs. FMEP10Y-100 eye pin base metal yellow
18pcs. FMRJ8G-144 jump ring gold plated 8mm
9pcs. FMGPPB027x2-24 ball pins gold plated 2″
4pcs. FMRS8G-144 split rings gold plated 8mm
4pcs. FMRS5G-144 split rings gold plated 5mm
8pcs. FMSEG-144 suede end caps gold plated 4x6mm
1pair FMCLSCDG-12 snap clasps double strand gold plated
14in. BCSF28BR-25 suede lace brown 2.85mm