A Feel of the Tropics: Coco Shell Beads

Dreaming of warmer days and splashing water on the beach?


A bit of beach inspiration is what we need in this cold weather. And what better way to capture the beach life with the sun, sand, and sky all smiling at you than to wear coco shell beads. These glorious, stylish yet low maintenance beads are carved from the inner shell of the coconut. They are natural stunners and are just what you need to give yourself a bit of sunshine on chilly fall days.


A few facts about coconuts:

  • Coconut comes from the Portuguese word cocos which means grinning face.
  • The coconut tree (scientific name: cocos nucifera) is more than just a source for shells. From its leaf down to the last root fiber, each part has a particular use giving it the term “tree of life”.
  • Coconut husks can be used to create brushes, stuffing for mattresses, ropes, and mats.


Why should you incorporate coco shells in your jewelry designs?



Perfectly cut and sourced from coconut trees, coco shells are usually brown in tone but they can also come in a variety of colors. Even though they are lightweight, each shell is masterfully varnished with a thin coating of natural oil to make it durable. They’re also carefully designed and made with a modern appeal.



Since we are already in a time where sustainability is highly practiced, you can ensure that there are no harmful levels of pollution in the creation of coco shell beads. The process apparently employs less energy than other mass-manufactured materials.



Since coco shell beads come in a variety of tones, they can work well with different materials. You can pair them with shell beads, bones, and other natural materials to enhance their organic appeal. You can also dress them up with sterling silver beads or gold-filled bead caps to make them look chic. Aside from being utilized in jewelry, coco shells can be used for macramé, crocheting, and other craft projects.


How to take care of your coco shell beads:

  • Instead of using abrasive cleaners, simply wipe your coco shells with a soft wet cloth.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to prevent the beads from cracking.
  • Don’t soak them in water or expose to high temperature.
  • Take them off before going to bed or taking a shower.


Coco shells beads are great for incorporating into your jewelry projects. They are the “cherry on top” in a sea of sparkling gems and metal components. So go ahead and create your own coco shell jewelry and give yourself a feel of the tropics. Let’s face it — who doesn’t love that warm fuzzy feeling of long summer days in this cold weather.


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