Crafty and Creative Organizers for Your Beading Creations

We’re already on our way to 2021 and I’m sure a lot of you have finished many beading creations what with all the time spent at home. With plenty of beading projects you tackled this year, do you still have enough room for storage?


If not, we’re giving you fun ways to create your very own creative jewelry organizer. As much as beading is important, it’s also essential to store your creations in an appropriate place to maintain their quality.


Lace Strip Hangers

If you like to see your jewelry on display, then a lace strip hanger is just for you. Tie the lace on any wooden plank and hang your hoops, studs, and cuff earrings in place. If you want your lace strips to have an old world feel, you can stain them with used teabags.


Old Kitchen Supplies

Do you have a box of old kitchen supplies? The ones you saved when you moved to a new home but couldn’t find a space for storage? If yes, then this is the time for you to repurpose them. Take fluted bowls for example. You can easily put jewelry pieces in each bowl and arrange the bowls either on your nightstand or vanity desk.


Cork Boards

If you have a spare cork board, you can turn this into a jewelry lifesaver. Breathe new life to a dull-looking cork board with a few push pins and decorating paper. Don’t forget to incorporate more fun elements like stickers and ribbons. You’ll never have to worry about your chains, tassel necklaces, and other jewelry pieces.


Rake It Up!

It might sound weird that your old gardening tool could be a jewelry holder. But repurposing garden rakes won’t do you wrong. Take the head of an old garden rake and decorate it with twines and ribbons. This will instantly transform into a new jewelry hanger. If you don’t like its original color, you can repaint the tines with your favorite tone.



Planning to throw your empty shoe boxes and paper towel rolls? Not so fast. Wrap them in beautiful craft papers and you’ll immediately have your own artsy jewelry organizer. You can add twine ribbons, seashells or anything that speaks about your personality.


Cutlery Tray

If you have unused cutlery trays that have been gathering dust, it’s time to turn them into something new. Use the larger section to attach hooks so you can display your bracelets and necklaces. The smaller sections are for the rings, pendants, and earrings. Spice up your cutlery tray by painting it with vibrant tones and patterns.


Our top picks will surely push your creativity now that you have lots of time at home. You don’t need to spend tons of money to have a creative jewelry organizer. With our ideas above, you’ll have plenty of storage for your growing collection of beading creations.

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