Fall Style Essentials That Are Here to Stay

Do you ever like you’ve been wearing the same outfit since the lockdown began?

You’re not alone. Time is marching on and you find yourself slowly adjusting to the current situation. Despite the fact that many activities have been put on hold this year, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing the usual stuff like putting on some nice clothes. Dressing up may feel a bit weird but it’s one of the things that makes you feel normal while sheltering in place.

From working at home to doing errands, our style essentials below will let you embrace a decadent level of comfort this fall and in the coming seasons.


Daily meetings on Zoom? Let your pair of bold earrings have its moment. When you’re regularly talking to clients and your face is viewed up close, a pair of hoop earrings, without fail, makes a good impression than dainty studs. Take out those hoops that you’ve been keeping in your jewelry box and wear them come meeting day or even when you talk to friends and family via FaceTime.


Matching loungewear set? Yes, please. It’s what everybody is eyeing on these days. Many who are working from home prioritize comfort and now that fall is around the corner, prepare to hoard some matchy matchy sets even more. A stylish lounge coordinates set of top and pants can work wonders —from chilling at home to going outside when you need to breathe some fresh air.



Remember when stay-at-home orders were first implemented months ago? High-heeled shoes were perhaps one of the first things in your wardrobe to collect dust. We were only allowed to go out for exercise or buy some essentials and sneakers were (and are still) our go-to shoes. Now that social, home, and work lives continue to intertwine, comfortable footwear reign supreme and our good old pair of sneakers gets the job done.

Knit Sweaters

Cozy knit sweaters are definitely taking center stage. Work from home or not, you’ll be needing this type of sweater more than ever. As temperatures continue to drop, you’d want to enjoy the weather in your stylish yet most comfortable clothing.

A lot has changed over the past months but regardless of the events, there are things we look forward to this fall like the cold weather, nature’s foliage, and of course, dressing up. We hope the style essentials above will make you feel good about yourselves especially that the current situation, to put it mildly, may not be returning anytime soon to our usual “normal”.

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