6 Reasons Why Jewelry Has a Feel-Good Factor

Oftentimes, we tend to focus on the artistic features of a jewelry — from the design and materials to the color. We also tend to look at its physical properties –its beauty, how much it’s worth, and the impression it leaves on the onlooker.

But jewelry is more than that. Yes, it’s easy on the eyes but it also evokes a powerful connection and a feel-good factor to the wearer.

An Heirloom

Have you inherited your grandma’s pearls or your mother’s rubies? When you wear an heirloom, you feel more connected to your past and remain deeply rooted to your traditions and values. The bond that you have with your loved ones is there and it’s something that can never be replicated.

Given as an Award

Trophies are typically given as awards. But did you know that jewelry is also used to recognize people’s achievements? Olympic medals are given to the greatest athletes. Pins and medallions are awarded to military personnel. Jewelry can serve as a way to remind people that they’re recognized for their contributions and accomplishments.
For Healing. Many believe that gems can alleviate physical and mental ailments. Topaz brings abundance and good health while emeralds strengthen the eyes, the heart, and the immune system. But if you’re a bit hesitant about the power of rocks and metal, seeing them on your arm or neck can be a reminder that you’re one step closer to recovery and wellness.

To Feel Invigorated

There are days when you don’t feel like yourself. Even though you give yourself a little pep talk to get a boost of confidence, sometimes it just won’t work. But with the power of clothes, shoes and of course, jewelry, you instantly feel fabulous. There’s something about wearing a nice bling that makes you feel empowered and perhaps a bit more alive.

A Keepsake

When you’re gifted a nice trinket by a friend or family member, you remember that person every time you wear the piece or see it displayed on your drawer. You recall the day you got the gift, the occasion, what was said, and how you felt. Jewelry apparently can’t replace the bond between you and the giver, but it’s a simple reminder that people are there to celebrate life’s special moments with you.

Connection to Your Alma Mater

A class ring symbolizes your connection to your alma mater. It brings back memories of you and your peers cramming for exams, spending long hours in the library, and doing extracurricular activities. It lets you look back on the days when you’re making the most out of your student life.

Jewelry is not just sparkles and glitz. It has a story to tell. No object can clearly take the place of a real human connection. But jewelry simply has that power to make us feel more connected to our loved ones, past experiences, and achievements.

How about you? Got any awesome stories to tell about your jewelry?

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