6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Are you ready with your Halloween costumes? Will you dress up as a deadly monster, a bloodthirsty vampire or a sinister sorcerer? Whatever you plan to be, know that Halloween is going to be fantastic as it falls on a Saturday and there’s a full moon to boot.

That being said, Halloween will be a bit unusual this year considering that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. But we can still have fun with candies and costumes and remain safe. Though we’re not celebrating Halloween unlike before, we can get creative in the comforts of our homes.

Decorate Your Living Space

Halloween isn’t complete without adorning your space with jack o-lanterns, bats, pumpkins, and skeletons. Decors make the atmosphere more exciting and get everyone into the spooky mood. Also, decorating your home to Halloween perfection will give you that sense of normalcy despite the current situation.
Get Quirky with Your Face Masks. You can’t say 2020 without the word face mask. Regardless if you’re using a surgical mask or cloth, decorate it to match your costume. Or it can even be the costume itself! From vampire fangs to werewolves and skeletons, the choices are endless.

Candy Graveyard

Setting up a candy graveyard is a fantastic way for trick-or-treaters to feel safe when they drop by your house. It also provides your front yard an extra spooky feel. Set creative tombstones and place individual treat bags on top of each one. Vary the space of the tombstones so kids can physically distance themselves while collecting their goodies. For extra safety, let kids enter the graveyard two or three at a time.

Drop Some Goodies

Another safe way to spread some Halloween cheer to neighbors and friends is to drop a goodie bag on their doorsteps. This is a great and contact-free way to let your neighbors know you’re thinking of them even if you’re not celebrating together. Ring the doorbell, leave the goodies at the door, and then run. Whether they’ll be spooked or not, you never know!

Zoom Parties

If you’re living alone and are working from home, host a Halloween-themed costume party on Zoom for your team. Let everyone showcase their costumes while sharing scary stories. Before you end the call, make sure to give out prizes to the most creative, scariest, and most original look! You can have Halloween baskets delivered to the winners’ doorsteps.

Halloween Movie Marathon

End the night by setting up a projector in the backyard and watch your favorite Halloween films with the whole family. You could do this in the living room as well. Be ready with some popcorn, drinks, and desserts and you’re good to go.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Halloween will be different than the previous years. The pandemic is undoubtedly the biggest monster we have this year and has reshaped how we’ll celebrate the spooky season. But with our list above, here’s hoping you’ll have fun even if you’re stuck at home. Halloween is still on the calendar and we’re surely not ghosting it.

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