5 Ways to Stylishly Stack Your Rings

Layering your clothes? How about layering your jewelry?

Since we’ve already talked about layering bracelets, why don’t we try layering rings? If you haven’t joined the “stacking game” yet, perhaps you’re wondering how to stack your favorite rings without going overboard. Maybe it’ll take some time to work up the courage to stack your rings, but with our inspiration below, you’ll surely find yourself getting creative with your rings in no time.

Simple and Streamlined

Even if you already love to wear multiple rings, give your look a streamlined touch. Stack on pieces that have similar shapes, tones or themes. Take inspiration from your favorite decade in fashion, favorite season, or simply your surroundings. You can go for stacking rings that highlight your skin tone or a set that is quite the contrast.

Rings and Stones

If you’re into mixing metals, combine them with stones. If you’re a minimalist and are a bit hesitant, don’t worry as this will work out just fine. Work with several stones to keep the look grounded. Put together a pair of simple stacking bands and add a few gemstone rings that have the same stone but in different cuts.

A Monochromatic Touch

Ever tried the classic matching set? Keep your metals in the same tone for a more put-together look. If you want a nice subtle touch, you can incorporate a set of simple stacking bands or a midi ring. Vary the spacing of similar rings across multiple fingers to elevate the look. Mixing rings of different textures and width can add more quirk to a monochrome style.

Have Fun with Ombre

Ombre doesn’t only apply to fabrics but to jewelry as well. Start with silver, rose gold, and yellow gold in order. Putting rose gold in the middle of the stack might be unusual but it’s really up to you. If you want to adorn several fingers, you can keep the stack in the same order or switch the pieces for a unique twist.

Do it the Maximalist Way

Different gemstone colors and metals are great, but why not experiment with a range of shapes and sizes. A beautifully faceted carnelian ring looks exquisite when it sits next to a small stone. You can even wear a family heirloom and mix with it simple rings. Also, try working on open front rings as they give you an opportunity to try knuckle to knuckle combinations.

Now don’t get too serious with stacking rings –have fun with them and be experimental. You can mix old and new pieces or vintage and modern ones. You can even add your signet class ring to the mix. If you don’t want to look over the top in your day-to day wardrobe, save the big and bold rings for the weekend.

Got more ideas on how to stack your rings? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to know your thoughts!

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