8 Fall Activities for the Whole Family

We’re going through unprecedented times and a lot of activities have been canceled. But that doesn’t mean the fun ends there. This fall season is the time to take a break and enjoy the wonderful fall foliage.


Depending on the quarantine restrictions of your area, you can still enjoy some fun activities with the whole family (in a safe way, of course). Take your pick from our list below.


Nature Walk

Ahh the falling leaves! Bring out your outdoorsy side and see nature at its best! Go on a nature walk with your family and do a fun activity along the way. You can make a nature bingo sheet and incorporate some ideas like looking for red leaves, acorns, and weird-looking tree branches. This is a fun way to let the kids learn more about the surroundings while enjoying the scenery at the same time.


Boost Your Beading Skills

Now that most of us are stuck at home, fall is the perfect time to bond with your kids. Let fall colors inspire you and include them in your projects. Prepare some beading materials and teach simple techniques to your little ones. Since we’re only a few weeks away from Halloween, have fun creating artsy jewelry with some bones and skull beads. Doing so will let the kids get in the mood for the upcoming spooky celebration.


A Nice Picnic

The weather is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. It’s not too hot and not too cold. So, get your picnic baskets and load them up with goodies like pumpkin lattes, apple pies, and homemade bread. Take the whole gang to a nearby park and watch the beautiful and colorful autumn scenery.


Pick Pumpkins

The most awaited activity for kids in the fall — picking pumpkins. Kids like to hang around the pumpkin patch, choose their own pumpkins, and carve them. But before that, go online and look for different pumpkin carving ideas so your kids can select their favorite patterns. Have fun carving!


Fall Movies

I’m sure you already have a list of fall films that are lined up in your video streaming service. Gather the whole family on a weekend and select one to watch. Prepare some roasted pumpkin seeds and a cup of candy corn and serve them to everyone — two delightful treats while enjoying your favorite film.


Visit an Apple Orchard

This is definitely a fall classic! Make it a point to include in your fall bucket list to visit an apple orchard and have fun picking apples. Wonderful scenery, a nice walk, fresh apples, fresh air, taking lots of photos — these are some of the things you’ll most definitely look forward to.


Apple Cobbler

After visiting an apple orchard, why not turn your handpicked harvest into a delicious apple cobbler? Fall isn’t complete without the smell of fresh apple cobbler in the oven. A warm, homemade apple cobbler not only delights your taste buds but also give you that comforting feeling. Cozy up by the fire and enjoy every single bite.


Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate? Yes, please! On those crisp fall nights, drinking a hot chocolate is just absolutely calming. Not a fan of chocolate? Why not go for a cup of hot apple cider instead? Grab one, let everyone gather around the fire pit in the backyard, and enjoy the cool fall breeze.


This year is definitely a different one, but don’t let it dampen your spirits. Despite the fact that we are still in the midst of a challenging situation, we hope the list above will let you appreciate the simple things in life most especially the time you spend together with your family.

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