4 Reasons Why Wooden Bracelets Have Surged in Popularity

4 Reasons Why Wooden Bracelets Have Surged in Popularity

One of the many accessories women love to wear is a nice bracelet. In some countries, bracelets are worn as they symbolize wealth and status. For the women on the go, accessorizing with bracelets means completing the corporate look. When it comes to the youth, they don bracelets to look hip and trendy.


Recently, a lot of people are going sustainable and prefer wood jewelry over gemstones and metals. Jewelry enthusiasts are now adopting the earthy style and are embracing wooden bracelets. Here’s why.


A Great Cause

Did you know that beaders use wooden bracelets to raise funds for charities and non-profit organizations? Certain beading groups create stylish wooden bracelets to support great causes. When you purchase one, you don’t only support the charity but also help people whose income depends solely on beading.


Express One’s Individuality

Wearing a bracelet simply means expressing your personality and style. One can easily tell the person’s disposition just by looking at the bracelet. If you wear a dark-colored wooden bracelet, this means you have a rugged sense of style. If you go for light tones, you have a laid-back and easygoing approach to fashion. But if you opt for light tones with a variety of painted ones, this means you are fun and eclectic.


A Keepsake

Are you one of those people who go on long vacations and can’t leave without buying wooden bracelets? Well, a holiday can’t be fun without splurging on a keepsake or two, right? Wooden bracelets help recall those beautiful moments on your trip, the people you met, and the culture you experienced. Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye to some people you made good memories with. But a couple of wooden bracelets serve as reminders of those wonderful and unforgettable times.



Now this may not surprise you — wooden bracelets play a significant role in some cultures. People in some parts of the world believe that wooden bracelets give them protection. In other countries, they are worn on certain occasions as they symbolize faith and devotion. There are also a few ethnic groups who believe that wearing a wooden bracelet means showing loyalty to their beliefs.


Wooden bracelets add a nice touch to any outfit. They have a laid-back feel and they can you take from the streets to the beach and to a casual get-together. There’s a range of sizes to choose from and they come either in natural colors or painted in various tones. So, if you have a hard time choosing what bracelet to wear for the day, opt for wooden bracelets –a carefree, earthy style that goes with anything in your wardrobe.

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